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a fine net or screen (especially around beds) to protect against mosquitos

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9%) responded that sleeping inside bed net could prevent mosquito bite.
Bed nets offer a simple and cost-effective solution and are known to reduce malaria transmissions by 90% in areas with high net coverage.
But I won't stop working until everyone in Africa has a bed net.
5 dollar bed net, 1 dollar antimalarial drug and a 50 cent diagnostic test.
Interceptor(R) Bed Nets Key Factor for Decrease in Malaria Infection in Jabote Community (Brazil)
With insecticide-treated bed nets and the effective delivery of anti-malarial medicines in integrated health care programs, we can halt the spread of malaria.
Methods: Following large scale introduction of ITNs during 2001-2002 in the north-eastern States of Nagaland and Mizoram by NVBDCP, India, a cross-sectional community-based survey was undertaken in April-May, 2003 covering 435 households of Nagaland and 464 households in Mizoram, using a structured questionnaire, to assess the demographic variables relevant to bed net use, bed net washing practices and acceptability of ITNs etc, for upscaling the coverage of ITNs in the surveyed communities.
Josie told the Prime Minister: "I travelled to Africa with Malaria No More this year, where I saw what a difference a simple bed net makes in the lives of a family in Africa.
In Ghana, particularly in the Northern regions, where nearly 80 percent of the population live on less than 10,000 Cedis a day, an insecticide-treated bed net (ITN) which can cost up to 120,000 Cedis, can be considered a luxury for many families.
Bed nets have become a major weapon in malaria control; they are cost efficient, easy to use, and surprisingly effective, since nearly all mosquito bites occur while the victims sleep.
Yet, according to Gallup World Poll data, just 25% of respondents in sub-Saharan Africa report their household owns at least one bed net -- which effectively prevents infection with the mosquito-transmitted disease.
Millions of children have died from malaria becausethey were not protected by an insecticide-treated bed net, or did not receive effective treatment," he added
Individual questionnaires focused on sleeping location, bed net use, and dietary practices.
Others include Africare's community-based malaria prevention and early treatment in Angola--particularly concentrating on refugees and internally displaced persons; the American Red Cross which will provide a free bed net for every adult who accompanies a child under five to measles vaccination campaigns in Equatorial Guinea and Chad; Medicines for Malaria Venture which supports the development and discovery of new anti-malaria drugs; and Project Hope which will establish a "Village Health Bank" pilot programme in Mozambique that combines micro-credit lending with health education.
Moreover, bed nets work most effectively when the whole village uses them, because each bed net protects not only the immediate user but also--through a mass action effect--the neighbors.