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an overnight boardinghouse with breakfast

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He said that BnB Insure was the only underwriter managers with a 100% focus on bed and breakfasts.
New York, Boston and Charleston top the list of popular weekend getaways for bed and breakfast travelers.
Travel Business Review-June 12, 2012--New York and London Still Favourite Bed and Breakfast Summer Destinations(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
But bed and breakfasts appeal to a different kind of traveler, and that market demand isn't being met, said Valentina Davoli, who opened Casa Valentina near Fairhaven in July.
She says: "Many farms in the North East provide bed and breakfast accommodation as a result of the wonderful attractions we have in the region.
This is not a "pack 'em in, ship 'em out" bed and breakfast.
And believe you me I've been in some pretty nasty bed and breakfasts in my time.
Many of the state's 70-plus bed and breakfasts are in older, distinguished houses.
Any bed and breakfast owner who isn't licensed may face prosecution under controversial recommendations which will be submitted to National Assembly leaders this week.
The Log House & Homestead is one of more than 15,000 professionally run, fully licensed bed and breakfasts and country inns in the United States, according to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII).
The following sampling of winter packages available at bed and breakfast inns around California shows that picking a b&b inn can be a value conscious choice.
Ireland's Friendly Bed & Breakfasts from $499 -- This itinerary offers the beauty of Ireland with a choice of over 2,800 bed and breakfasts.
com recognizes 30 exemplary inns and bed and breakfasts in these categories: Top 10 B&Bs in the United States, Top 10 B&Bs in Canada, and Top 10 International B&Bs.
The Ivy Wild Inn Bed and Breakfast 4 sleeping rooms
Originally conceived as a starting point for travelers seeking to compare accommodations before making travel plans, IBBP provides information on bed and breakfasts, inns, homesteads, farmsteads, cottages and villas located throughout the world.