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French physicist who discovered that rays emitted by uranium salts affect photographic plates (1852-1908)

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The level exceeded the government legal limit of 100 becquerels per
Tepco also found out from the water samples taken on Wednesday at a point in the drainage ditch contained 34,000 becquerels of beta particle-emitting substances per liter, compared to 2,300 becquerels a day before Typhoon Wipha hit the area.
At another observation well about 100 meters south of the first well, the density of strontium and other radioactive substances in a groundwater sample collected Monday reached 1,700 becquerels per liter, 18 times the level in water taken four days before.
3 becquerels per kilogramme detected in the past off the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima.
safety limits for iodine at 300 becquerels per kiloliter of water and 200
Another water sample taken from the same point on Tuesday contained just 19 becquerels of such radioactive substances, the report added.
TEPCO said it measured 220 becquerels per cubic centimeter of iodine-131, 88 becquerels per cubic centimeter of cesium-134 and 93 becquerels of cesium-137.
The levels of tritium in the groundwater sample collected from the well have risen to 34,000 becquerels per liter in last four days, the Japan times reports.
The groundwater sample contained 11,000 becquerels of cesium-134 per liter and 22,000 becquerels of cesium-137 per liter.
9 km away from the plant, containing radioactive cesium concentrations of 651 becquerels per kilogram, the team said.
The discharged water included 60 tons with radiation levels at 100 to 121 becquerels per liter, exceeding the agency's maximum allowable standard of 90 becquerels, as indicated by the company data.
has said trillion becquerels of tritium from the Fukushima No.
In the water sampled May 24, the strontium 90 level stood at 1,000 becquerels per liter, about 30 times as high as the maximum allowable standard, and the toritium level at 500,000 becquerels, some eight times higher, it said.
Tepco has found that water in a hole, dug for a cable pipe 13 meters underground, contained up to 950 million becquerels of cesium per liter and 520 million becquerels of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, including strontium.
A mountain trout caught in a Fukushima Prefecture river returned a radioactive cesium reading of 11,400 becquerels per kilogram, more than 100 times the government-set limit for food items, a survey by the Environment Ministry said Friday.