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French physicist who discovered that rays emitted by uranium salts affect photographic plates (1852-1908)

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The Japanese standard compares with a 150 becquerel per kilogram limit in Ukraine after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, the group said.
Becquerel had noted an accidental burn on his skin as the result of carrying an ampoule of radium in his pocket and in 1901 Pierre Curie confirmed this by deliberately producing a burn on his own arm with this material.
Along with her husband and Becquerel, Curie was awarded in 1903 the Nobel Prize in physics for research into radioactivity.
1839 Edmund Becquerel, a French physicist, observes the photovoltaic effect.
En 1896, Antoine Henri Becquerel observo que los compuestos de uranio presentaban un fenomeno semejante al de los rayos X, es decir, emision de radiaciones.
The year 1996 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of natural radioactivity by the French physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel while studying the behaviour of a fluorescent uranium salt on exposure to sunlight.
The discovery of X rays by Rontgen (see 1895) fascinated a French physicist, Antoine-Henri Becquerel (1852-1908), who had been working on fluorescent substances as his father had before him.
Currently, the Japanese government standard is 100 becquerel.
The radioactive concentration in the seawater is below 1 becquerel per liter, and radiation in the air also poses no health risk, according to the Iwaki city office.
In these prefectures where deposition of iodine-131 was reported, on 31 March, the range was from 29 to 1350 becquerel per square metre.
48 becquerel (Bq) per liter of rainwater in Seoul and 0.
1896: French physicist and Nobel lauretate Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity.