cycle rickshaw

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a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling)


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But Becak was persistent enough to snare a hard-to-find Elsa toddler doll earlier this year -- though she had to spend an entire day literally calling every Disney Store in the U.
The male construction workers, becak drivers and porters whom we interviewed all reported using stamina products on a daily basis, prominent among them the energy drinks Extra Joss and KukuBima.
In the other 11 haplogyne families, specifically Diguetidae, Drymusidae, Dysderidae, Filistatidae, Leptonetidae, Ochyroceratidae, Plectreuridae, Scytodidae, Segestriidae, Sicariidae, and Tetrablemmidae, from which 28 species have been cytogenetically characterized (Hackman 1948; Suzuki 1954; Becak & Becak 1960; Diaz & Saez 1966a, 1966b; Benavente & Wettstein 1980; Silva 1988; Tugmon et al.
The Ecumenical Cooperation of Christian Women in South Jakarta, which for many years has operated a "cheap shop" selling healthy but inexpensive food to low-income families, street people, becak drivers and other poor people, is an example of an ecumenical expression rooted in worship together which eventually led towards a common act of witness.
From the mid 1970s they began to feel the impact of government policies as becak drivers and petty traders were increasingly excluded from the streets of central Jakarta.
The International Traffic Jam, part of the Land Plaza nearby, is another collection of wacky vehicles--an elaborately decorated Pakistani truck, bright red beer truck, Philippine jeepney, three-wheeled tuktuk (motorcycle-powered taxi from Thailand), and an Indonesian becak (pedicab).
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