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Synonyms for bebop

an early form of modern jazz (originating around 1940)


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BeBoB includes full ADAT/SMUX support, GSIF support, 1394a/b capability and a Linux 1394 audio driver (FreeBoB).
The primary application for the BeBoB platform -- FireWire audio interfaces and breakout boxes -- enable musicians to combine signals from multiple instruments, microphones, sample clips and other audio sources, and transfer them to a computer using a single FireWire (IEEE 1394) serial interface.
BridgeCo's BeBoB FireWire audio platform has become enormously popular with musicians, bands, choirs and recording studios.
The BeBoB platform has become market share leader in FireWire audio interface systems through a relentless drumbeat of innovations," explained BridgeCo CEO Mark McEachen.
BridgeCo's BeBoB platform has been has been designed into more than a dozen audio products, and forms the technological core of more than 85% of all FireWire audio interface units ever shipped to consumers.
BridgeCo's processor architecture and BeBoB software bundle has proven itself the most reliable breakout box platform in the industry," according to Jim Odom, President and CEO of PreSonus Corporation.
Their selection of the BeBoB platform for their FireWire products is a significant badge of honor for BridgeCo.
Products built on BridgeCo's BeBoB platform have won numerous awards from leading audio magazines worldwide.
BridgeCo's BeBoB platform allows developers to easily create plug-and play audio devices for Mac OS X, saving the additional cost for driver development, and creating a seamless experience for end users.
The BeBoB -- BridgeCo Enhanced Breakout Box -- application provides musicians at all levels with plug 'n play connectivity between their PC or Mac, and all their music equipment, including their music instruments, microphones, and effects equipment.
BeBoB enables a system to be either a combined breakout box and effect system, or a pure effect device.
The BeBoB platform combines a proprietary dual-core, ARM-based and DSP-enhanced processor with a real-time operating system (RTOS) and comprehensive application software stack that implements a complete audio interface product.
The spin-off company is reinventing itself under the new name "ArchWave," and is taking over the entire Pro Audio and BeBoB businesses historically supported by BridgeCo.
Easy customization of Bebob software and built-in flexibility ensure high portability across various target applications.
Archwave, a provider of professional audio connectivity solutions, unveiled today its USB Stick Recorder solution as part of the company's flagship Bebob Software Development Kit (SDK).