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Synonyms for pageant

Synonyms for pageant

an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc


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a rich and spectacular ceremony

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Nevertheless, success in beauty pageants is something which appears to run in the family.
in for Square Miss India Worldwide India 2015, a national beauty pageant celebrating Indian beauty on a global platform, Organized since 1990, and with its strong 25 years pedigree, Miss India Worldwide India actively engages India with the Indian Diaspora abroad.
The beauty pageant will be held annually at the national level," said the spokesperson.
Unlike back in 1977, when the contest entrance price was just my dignity, beauty pageants are now run by highly profitable organisations aimed solely at separating gullible parents from their cash.
Last year, lawmakers in France moved to ban child beauty pageants on the grounds they promoted the "hyper-sexualisation" of minors.
Commenting on continued public criticism of beauty pageants in the country, she said: "Despite the bad press, there are a lot of pageants out there that have a positive impact on the entrants by focussing on their ambitions and improving their inner confidence.
She claimed the position of second runner up in the Miss California beauty pageant, according to Wikipedia.
Aify, Ezenwa, 25, a student, said: "I think it all depends on the beauty pageant and whether it is about the individual.
As Kristen said: "I have been in the beauty pageant and fashion business for many years, I've accomplished so much; not only in terms of winning but in terms of experience.
The Philippine's most prestigious and coveted beauty pageant, Binibining Pilipinas, will hold its coronation night on March 30 at the Smart Araneta Colisuem.
Lara's interest in beauty pageants was sparked following a trip to a local photography studio with her mum Gwyn when she was 16.
This month, the Francesca Harper Project performs Harper's Modo Fusion: Art Prototype, a foray into the world of beauty pageants that fuses dance with music and film in the East River Park, Aug.
Thanks to wins in beauty pageants which led to stardom on hit US TV reality show 'Toddlers and Tiaras', she now has own range of jewellery and has already raked in more than most of us could dream of earning in a lifetime, the Mirror reported.
The event is an extension of beauty pageants that have been held in the past months," said event regional director K Rana.
The renewed local interest in beauty pageants follows the success of former Nuneaton Carnival Queen Jodie Duckworth, who became a finalist for Miss England this year after qualifying via the Miss Everymodel event, held in Rutland.