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dry fruity light red wine drunk within a few months after it is made

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Claimed as the largest Beaujolais nouveau celebration on the West Coast, the 17th annual Vive le Beaujolais wine and food festival Friday at the Pacific Design Center will again herald the release a day earlier of France's 2000 vintage Beaujolais nouveau wine.
THE Beaujolais wine area is part of the French Burgundy region where red wines predominate.
A trip to France for the first crop of Beaujolais wine was the latest venture, which followed a race night, a French wine tasting, Dior and Chanel events, quiz night, carol concert and a post-London to Paris cycle ride celebration.
Vin de Pays wines are to be introduced by Beaujolais wine producers, following a plan of action drawn up by around 850 winemakers.
This is the time when the just-finished harvest is honored with the brand-new French beaujolais wine of the current vintage (yes, that's 1999) being rushed to market, officially the third Thursday in November.
Get inspired this holiday season by four different dishes, each paired with a different Beaujolais wine
The Beaujolais wine substituted for water in this original bread recipe delivers a unique flavor.
players finally escaped their gilded luxury Saturday, leaving their 12th-century chateau in Beaujolais wine country and traveling by train to Paris.
NEW YORK -- Picture sitting in a restaurant along the Beaujolais wine route, sipping a glass of locally made wine while gazing out over rolling hills laced with vineyards and centuries-old architecture.
The Beaujolais wine region is reintroducing its elephant and giraffe ad campaign, first seen last year.
Picks: Special a la carte menu includes Willapa Bay oysters, rack of lamb with risotto goat cheese and a Beaujolais wine sauce and horseradish-crusted Chilean sea bass.
DALLAS -- As wine lovers around the globe crack open the first bottles of the 2008 Beaujolais, Dallas will revel in the 25th Anniversary of the country's biggest Beaujolais Wine Festival.
The day to drink the new Beaujolais wine of the 1996 harvest is almost here.
But it damaged the reputation of Beaujolais' better quality wines such as Fleurie whose sales dropped off as people associated Beaujolais wines with thin, acidic wine, served chilled.
Morrisons Chablis Premier 2013 Like chablis, I've drunk too many bland Beaujolais wines yet I've also downed a few recently that have really hit the mark.