Beaufort Sea

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part of the Arctic Ocean to the northeast of Alaska

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With widespread interest in the Arctic, including potential oil and gas leasing and development, we re looking to significantly expand our knowledge of the Beaufort Sea ecosystem to inform our decision-making.
As a back up plan, Shell will likely go ahead with its planned Beaufort Sea drilling, even though the company views its Chukchi Sea program as having higher priority.
The Mackenzie River empties in the Beaufort Sea at the western edge of the Northwest Territories.
The work we did with bowhead whales showed that we had a stable isotope gradient that goes across the Beaufort Sea, so we decided we'd try and apply that to polar bears," he says.
Shell's decision to focus on the Chukchi Sea and put its leases in the Beaufort Sea on the back burner, for now, has important implications for Alaska.
In another recent study along the same stretch of the Beaufort Sea, Jones and his co-authors verified "disappearing" cultural and historical sites, including Esook, a turn-of-the-century trading post now part of the Alaskan seafloor and Kolovik (Qalluvik), an abandoned Inupiaq village site that may soon be lost.
He says if Shell drills in 2014, it will not be in the Beaufort Sea but only in the Chukchi Sea.
In the Beaufort Sea, directional autonomous seafloor acoustic recorders are used to triangulate on bowhead whale calls specifically by giving bearings to bowhead vocalizations; the location of the vocalizations is computed when the same vocalization is detected by multiple DASARs in the array.
is partners with Imperial Oil and ConocoPhillips and other majors in the Itiyok I-27 Well, a major oil and gas discovery known as the Significant Discovery License #55 (SDL #55) located in the Beaufort Sea.
During the late 1800s, whalers almost drove the animals to extinction, and now some people are concerned that the bowheads may be threatened by the offshore oil industry's expansion into Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska and the Yukon Territory, where these whales summer.
Benediktson was involved in the Government of Canada's development plans and regulatory controls for the exploration of Canada's Beaufort Sea frontier energy plays.
It had been stored in the Canadian Beaufort Sea for some years and was purchased and refitted by Shell for use in the Alaska Beaufort Sea after the company acquired OCS leases in 2005.
He held several engineering, technical and supervisory assignments in the EUSA Production Department throughout Texas, and in 1987 he was named business development manager in the EUSA Natural Gas Department where his responsibilities included developing long-range plans for the commercialization of Alaska and Canadian Beaufort Sea gas.
ConocoPhillips would also use the airplane for emergency response monitoring and surveillance of wildlife over the Beaufort Sea.
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