Beaufort Sea

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part of the Arctic Ocean to the northeast of Alaska

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Instead, they found anticyclonic conditions and a huge pool of fresh water piled up in the Beaufort Sea and blocked by the gyre.
In June, Imperial and its partners deferred plans to explore for oil in the Beaufort Sea, saying they needed more time to study how to safely drill offshore wells in the harsh Arctic environment.
While the study focused on waves in the Beaufort Sea, its authors conclude that the ultimate result could be completely ice-free summers across the Arctic "with potentially wide-ranging implications for the air-water-ice system and the humans attempting to operate there," according to the paper.
The results suggested that the record largest extent of open water in the Beaufort Sea occurred in 1998, which corresponded to the year with a record high discharge from the river.
The 30-year-old mobile drilling unit is operated by Noble Corp, but was refitted by Shell for its summer 2012 drilling expedition in the Beaufort Sea.
Crockford showed that Stirling and Derocher "misrepresent the facts regarding ringed seal and polar bear mortality events that occurred in the early 1970s in the southern Beaufort Sea .
Shell Oil's proposal to drill three exploratory wells in the Beaufort Sea off Alaska's North Slope received a conditional go-ahead last week from the Obama administration even though the Interior Department has not yet approved the company's plan for responding to a catastrophic oil spill.
The Obama administration has approved prematurely Royal Dutch Shell's plans to begin drilling four exploratory oil wells in the Beaufort Sea off Alaska's North Slope.
The tiny village sits precariously on the Beaufort Sea, a frigid body of water bordering Alaska's northeastern Arctic coast.
London, Jan 26 (ANI): Scientists studying bears around the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska, have revealed that a polar bear swam continuously for over nine days, which could be the result of climate change.
The Company has made a decision to expand the business plan of Kenai Offshore so as to allow for the possibility that the proposed jack-up rig could also be used as a primary drilling rig for anticipated drilling operations by multi-national companies in the Chukchi Sea, and/or Beaufort Sea located offshore the North Slope, Alaska (see attached map) or as a relief rig (which could become a requirement under new OCS regulations).
Canadian Imperial Oil (TSE:IMO), US Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) and UK BP (LON:BP) have formed a joint venture to drill two parcels in Canadian Beaufort sea, the three oil and gas companies said today.
Drilling and observation figures obtained during a 450km route across the northern part of the Beaufort Sea suggest the area is almost entirely made up of young, "firstyear" ice, whereas the region traditionally consists of older, thicker "multi-year" ice.
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