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English writer and a central member of the Fabian Society (1858-1943)

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A year later he was witness to another conversion of sorts--that of Beatrice Webb to mass politics.
Nasar claims that no one has greater claim to the invention of the idea of the modern welfare state than Beatrice Webb (p.
Clark would have been a perfect counterpoint to Beatrice Webb, whom Nasar praises as the inventor of the welfare state in Britain.
Some of the professions founders such as Jane Addams in the United States and Beatrice Webb in Britain were tireless in their efforts to promote positive social change through political engagement.
96] Fabians Sidney and Beatrice Webb called for the poor law to be abolished.
While Burrow studied men like Lord Macaulay, William Stubbs, Edward Freeman and James Froude, Feske surveys the intellectual pilgrimages of Hilaire Belloc, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Lawrence and Barbara Hammond, George Macaulay Trevelyan, and Winston Churchill.
Beatrice Webb also convinced another eyewitness, Andrew Cairns, not to write about what he had seen.
Green, Sidney and Beatrice Webb and Alfred Marshall, and to groups such as the Christian Socialists and Fabians.
He also co-founded the London School of Economics with Sidney Webb BEATRICE WEBB (1853-1943) and SIDNEY WEBB (1859-1947) These pioneers of British socialism argued in favour of Lords reform in 1914, called for a national minimum wage in 1918 and predicted a customs union for Europe in 1923 and argued in favour of equal pay between men and women.
His daughter, Beatrice Webb, was a social reformer and founder member of the Fabian Society, of which George Bernard Shaw was an early and committed member, leading to his visits to the house.
VIRAGO, another in the Time Warner stable, has reprinted Norman and Jeanne Mackenzie's edition of The Diaries of Beatrice Webb ([pounds sterling]14.
Sidney Webb and Beatrice Webb, The History of Liquor Licensing in England Principally from 1700 to 1830 (London, 1903), p.
Edwardian writers, economists and politicians and founding members Sidney and Beatrice Webb were pivotal in driving forward research projects into the social and economic conditions of people living in England.
Leading Fabians Sidney and Beatrice Webb - who were also instrumental in founding the London School of Economics - were invited to design labour welfare measures for the fledging enterprise.
Thinkers as far apart as Heinrich von Treitschke and Beatrice Webb believed in racial determinants and spoke ignorantly of the purity of the Jewish race almost with awe and warned about its larger strategy to overcome, dominate, and control the societies that hosted them.