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United States writer of caustic wit (1842-1914)

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It's got to be that ship there," Bearse replied, pointing to the big ship, "because that little thing's not going across the ocean.
A lot of people want to criticize what we're doing, as if we're somehow being exclusive of other faiths," Bearse said.
Engel (1997) and Bearse (1992) found that children frequently incorporate the styles used by the authors of stories and poems they listen to and read.
Amanda Bearse ("Married with Children") and Michele Greene ("LA Law") star in the compilation's next piece written by Erin Eckles and directed by Lee Friedlander called "Give or Take an Inch," a touching story about a lesbian who comes to terms with her sister's plans to have a sex change.
At ZERO, we're committed to ending prostate cancer 365 days of the year," said ZERO CEO Jamie Bearse.
But Eric Bearse, a Republican political consultant and speechwriter who has worked in the past for Straus, called American Phoenix's claims of training journalists and trying to ferret out information about politicians of all stripes "a total smoke screen.
Eric Bearse, a spokesman for The Response who formerly worked as Perry's communications director, told American Family Radio, which is run by the AFA, that the rally would be evangelistic in tone.
Scott King (Mad TV) heads up the writing staff (which includes the hilarious Craig Chester), and veteran comedy actress Amanda Bearse (Married With Children) serves as director.
And new in Thermoforming is "Moving Beyond the Basics--Advanced Heavy Gauge Thermoforming" with Bob Smart, Jay Waddell, and Ed Bearse.
Micheal Robertson and Jimmy Bearse combined to rushed for 137 yards splitting 26 carries for La Salle.
In addition, NPCC's Jamie Bearse, Vice President, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch along with Ozzie Smith and video clips of famous manager's moves will play on the Jumbotron.
During a month when we renew our commitment to keep families together, Superman's lyrics unite and inspire patients, survivors, and those who love them," said ZERO CEO Jamie Bearse.
A lot of people who vote only once in a while might be just as conservative as the people who always show up," said Eric Bearse, an Austin-based Republican consultant.
While hosting the Comedy Central stand-up special Out There 2, Amanda Bearse said, "You know, coming out is a continuing process; once is not enough.
It launched many careers, including those of Dana Delaney, Lauren Holly, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christine Baranski, Dorothy Lyman, Amanda Bearse, Kathy Bates, Robert Downey Jr.