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bearings containing small metal balls

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In normal operation, and by design, the primary load path in a ballscrew assembly is the circuit (or circuits) of bearing balls within the ball nut.
18 bearing ball deep groove with shield on one side :- skf 6306-z or fag 6306-z
Bearing Ball Self Aligning 25x52x15 MM (SKF) (SKF Or Equivalent) Nos 2
Tenders are invited for Bearing Ball 6206 2Rs/C3 Make Skf Imported, Fag Imported .
Tenders are invited for Supply of gen set/icv bmp: disc filter, bearing ball, socket elecrical-fixed 8 pole 500 vac, mount resilient sand wich type 88x42x37 o/a dimension, button red 10a 230v type k 271, electrical contact carbon grade (m3h 25.
Tenders are invited for Supply of X3/ixc skf 6206 z bearing ball nos 80
Tenders are invited for Bearing Ball Governor Assembly, Skf-6305,Make Skf-India,Dlw Drg.
Capital Investigation Department of Police has arrested three suspected militants and recovered heavy explosive material, detonators, bearing balls and detonator wires from them, senior police officer told media.
1) For vibrations with greater amplitude, the frequency depends on the waviness order according to the relations: k=q*m[+ or -]p (waviness order) and qmmc (frequency for vibrations caused), where m is the number of bearing balls, and p and q are integers [greater than or equal to]1 and [greater than or equal to]0 respectively.
When bearings are fixed in the same position, this vibration causes fatigue damage inside the bearings because the bearing balls keep "tapping" the outer bearing race.
This axial expansion in a cooled synchronous motor results entirely from centrifugal force developed on the spindle's bearing balls.
Three steel bearing balls are clamped together and covered with the test fluid, while a rotating fourth ball is pressed against them in sliding contact at various force levels.
Contact forces between bearing balls as planet wheels elements produce the frictional forces enabling the function of the bearing elements as sunny wheel, planet wheels and casing wheel as in typical design of frictional type planetary reducer.