bear hug

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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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Bantering and bearhugging the audience, Patrick is full of charisma and boundless enthusiasm.
He is pushed towards the ropes, but responds by bearhugging Lewis and pushing him through a table.
The main thing, really the only thing, I recall about his visit was how surprised - astonished even - he was by the street life in my neighborhood: He just couldn't get over the front-stoop sitting, small-lawn watering, handshaking, bearhugging behavior of all the Stanislaus, the Attilios, the Christos, and the Boschkos on Marshfield, each of whom we had to stop and talk to every time we made our way up or down the block.
It took six minutes before the photo-finish people flashed number 4 on top of number 3 on the Churchill Downs tote board, and Lukas could erupt in earnest, bearhugging his son and assistant Jeff on the track a few feet from where jockey Jerry Bailey raised a fist astride Grindstone.
Another shows him bearhugging an undressed girl as they tussle naked over a cue beside a billiards table.