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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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Lightweight and reliable for long journeys and unfavorable conditions, the Bearhug uses high-performance fabrics merged with a fundamental design to keep you sheltered from the cold.
They were going to lay a bearhug letter on Company X the next morning.
Ithica Films, Catering Design and The Bearhug are all moving on to bigger premises after successfully growing their companies.
Gwyn's son, Aled, received a bearhug from his dad once the verdict was delivered.
Look, if a guy you didn't like gave you a bearhug or flirted, you would not encourage him, but there would be no need to "confront" him.
Torres dived after escaping a Luisao bearhug, Cech used his fingertips to make a terrific save from Cardozo's volley and when the crossbar kept out Lampard's pile-driver extra-time loomed.
My friend, the late Deacon Deason of BearHug, acquired permission from Skeeter to reproduce this grip.
Reusch admitted to police that he threw Cody Riekstins to the ground after holding him in a bearhug while his friends continued to punch and kick him in the face and body.
Did Mr deMenezes stand up before he was grabbed in a bearhug by officer Ivor?
Upon the last whistle a joyous Bob Stokoe cavorted across a green carpet to sweep up Monty in a bearhug of appreciation.
I walked in, Ron gave me a big bearhug and said, `We've won'.
Kisses are nice and all, but sometimes a girl needs a lift-you-off-your-feet bearhug.
A DRUNKEN man who gave a teenage boy an unwanted bearhug ended up before a court.