Xerophyllum tenax

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plant of western North America having woody rhizomes and tufts of stiff grasslike basal leaves and spikes of creamy white flowers

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Spending time away from home and the utilities a home provides can be fun and rewarding," explains founder and owner of Beargrass Boutique LLC, Stacey Hubbel.
An interpretive sign tells about the valley and surrounding mountains, and warns visitors not to stay too long -- there is a reason it's called beargrass.
Best Sales, Marketing & Customer Support Solution -- eyedia, design it again: Located on historical Beargrass Creek and founded on the principle of environmental responsibility, this Louisville, Ky.
Beargrass, for example, now blooms more profusely in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness than it had in ages.
A short walk on the 1 1/2-mile (one way) Hidden Lake Nature Trail will lead you past a subalpine meadow dotted with beargrass, to an overlook, and perhaps to a glimpse of mountain goats.
Other species of plants present are: anacahuite (Cordia boisieri), black brush (Acacia rigidula), ocotillo (Fouqueria splendens), coyotillo (Karwinskia humoldtiana), beargrass (Yucca sp.
Ferns, beargrass, salal, and other floral greens collected in forests in the Pacific Northwest have been valued at $12.
SAFECO's joint venture partner, Beargrass Corporation, exercised that right of first refusal and Oxmoor Center Mall was not included in last week's closing.
Along the roadside, rhododendron, beargrass and wildflowers show their colors.
Since February, she has served as CEO of The Great Montana Adventure Company, a destination management organization, and as President of Beargrass Marketing Inc.
They observed differences in vascular tissue, leaf cross-sections, and lumen diameters of agave (Agave), yucca (Yucca), beargrass (Nolina), and sotol (Dasylirion).
They began harvesting the beargrass and caught land managers by surprise.
Tough but always exotic-looking Agave victoriae-reginae, beargrass (Dasylirion), ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens), and Our Lord's candle (Yucca whipplei) are used with several kinds of aloes as accents.
The restrictions also apply to the harvest of beargrass, moss and other forest products that wholesale florists buy.
Grace Petroleum's East Texas region includes the Longwood, Carthage, Beargrass, Stockman and other fields.