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a bond issued with detachable coupons that must be presented to the issuer for interest payments


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The undeniable truth is that authenticated bank bearer bonds worth $9,750,000,000, that's nine billion seven hundred and fifty million US dollars according to the gold price of today, owned by a Cypriot company, issued on the back of German sovereign debt that remains unsettled.
A month later, according to printer Amash Shah Syed, a man called Colin - he was too scared to identify him in court - acted like a "raging bull" in his house in June 2011 after he refused to change the dates on some bearer bonds.
Then it crossed my mind that I was holding bearer bonds.
At Holly's Christmas party, a group of German terrorists, led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), enter the building and take everyone hostage hoping to steal the millions in negotiable bearer bonds that are in the safe.
In the film Die Hard, one of the more realistic aspects of the plot was the terrorists' plan to steal bearer bonds from the secure vault of the Nakatomi Plaza.
In the largest mugging in history, a knifeman steals bearer bonds worth pounds 292m from a courier.
These areas include: due diligence and regulation requirements for designated nonfinancial businesses and professions, licensing or registration of businesses providing money or value transfer services, allocation of adequate resources to the authorities charged with combating financial crimes, elimination of bearer bonds, development of an independent authority to freeze assets, and implementation of a system to monitor cross-border currency movements.
The signature could be applied to any paper-based printed products such as high value tickets, ballot papers, cheques and bearer bonds.
The world record for a mugging happened on the streets of London and stands at pounds 292 million in bearer bonds which were quickly cancelled.
2005 Gold 0 0 0 Special drawing rights in the 2 181 1 907 1 923 IMF Reserve position in the IMF 5 250 4 686 4 188 Loans to the IMF 535 455 440 Bank deposits abroad 77 923 68 367 64 197 Foreign Treasury bills 112 386 288 Foreign Treasury notes 0 9 0 Foreign certificates 928 367 432 Foreign bearer bonds (1) 126 733 155 437 155 658 Foreign shares 54 500 63 216 62 994 Accrued interest 199 -535 -2 960 Total 268 361 294 295 287 160 30.
In late February, the Federal Reserve Board approved a proposal that Reserve Banks no longer provide services to financial institutions for collecting and processing definitive municipal securities, which are registered or bearer bonds issued by state and local governments with interest coupons in physical form.
Definitive municipal securities are registered or bearer bonds that have been issued by state and local governments with interest coupons in certificated or physical form.
The trust is raising money through Deeds of Covenant, at a cost of the price of a pint of beer per week, a pounds 500,000 4pc unsecured bearer bonds issue and sponsorship agreements.
This section describes the two forms and explains why secondary-market transactions were usually settled with bearer bonds.
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, the registered charity behind the project, has launched a pounds 500,000, four per cent unsecured bearer bonds issue to accelerate the completion of all-new express passenger steam locomotive No.