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Synonyms for bean

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for bean

any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae used for food

informal terms for a human head

hit on the head, especially with a pitched baseball

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Rather The Old White Beare - as an inscription along a beam in the dining room informs - was originally the name of an Elizabethan galleon and the inn was rebuilt after a fire in 1591 using timber from the said galleon.
We see no direct military threat to our interests in the Arctic," stated Beare.
By the time you've got your make-up off and have showered and changed all the canapes and everything have always gone and the dancers are starving," explains Beare.
Arbuthnot has been running both Uplands - his existing yard in Compton, which is being sold by owner George Ward - and Beare Green stables for a month, but will be sending out his first runner from his new base today when Colourful Event runs at Lingfield.
It was rebuilt some 60 years later, following a fire, using timbers from the Elizabethan Galleon called The White Beare and was renamed in honour of the ship.
Work by Ann Beare, Gill Curry, Mike Hatjoullis, Grace Horne, Eileen Summers and Lisa Who is on show from January 12 in the exhibition entitled A Sense Of Place.
The three are also helping the pounds 300,000 appeal of the Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge, Surrey.
IF you have been following events in Chez Beare through my last article, you will recall that following my recent sad bereavement, I am now having to look for work.
While Alice Layston is the central figure here, there will also be biographical sketches of her two husbands and of the four leaseholders of the Cross Keys during its years as a playhouse--Richard Ibbotson, Edward Walker, John Franklin, and James Beare.
MRS FIONA BEARE, pictured, co-ordinator Save Garden Village Post Office Campaign, Hollywood Crescent, Gosforth, Newcastle.
the Rev Richard Tucker with volunteers loading a container bound for Malawi, from left, Jan Beare, Judith Grubb, Brian Hardwick, Julian Grubb and Matthew Hurcomb.
Beare and Stephen Schneider University of Toronto Press 320 pages ISBN 9780802091437, hardcover ISBN 9780802094179, softcover
In tackling the later medieval lordship of the O'Sullivan Beare, in what is today West Cork/South Kerry, in southwest Ireland, Colin Breen has grasped a nettle; for far too long the nature of Gaelic society in Ireland, which is to say, those large tracts of land that remained outside the direct control of the king and his Anglo-Norman barons, has been overlooked by archaeologists.
Most of the studies on the effects of tillage on aggregate size distribution are conducted in systems in which tillage practices have been practiced for a number of years (Cambardella and Elliot 1993; Beare et al.
Sue Beare is an Anglican priest and military chaplain stationed at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alta.