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almond-flavored yeast-raised pastry shaped in an irregular semicircle resembling a bear's claw


an incised design resembling the claw of a bear

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claw of a bear

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Other seizures included 166 turquoise blue geckos, 10,000 seahorses, 400 Horsefield tortoises, and 11 black bear claws.
Stout neckwear of bear claws might even be threaded with doubled lacings of tanned hide.
We then added thin rawhide lace (I had made sure each piece had a hole at the top before they were dried) and students could add raffia, feathers, beads and small, plastic bear claws.
The order from propmaster Dean Eilertson for the film of Reindeer Games starring Ben Afflect and Gordon Tootoosis, currently being shot in Vancouver, included five necklaces made of antique trade and brass beads, one with a large bear claw attached.
When first imagined, bear claws were filled with 'almond paste' (what the Americans call frangipane), which makes them nice enough.
Bear Claws Fun Run: A 5K walk, jog or run will be held at 10 a.
Prairie City Bakery offers a wide range of high quality individual bakery items including the "Bigger" Big Cinnamon Rolls(R), Muffins, Danish, Bear Claws, Donuts, Big N Fudgy Brownies(R), Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Down Home Cookies(R).
Interpretations of this design element, also found on bags and fur quiver flaps, varies, but bear claws and whirlwinds have been suggested.
Among the diet hazards are frosted bear claws, fruit pies, miniature doughnuts, monster-size sandwiches and the high-fat, high-sugar, protein- free triple whammy: candy bars.
The Savannah Sampler box makes a unique gift: with hand-painted scenes of Savannah, it holds those famous pralines, as well as Chocolate Bear Claws, glazed pecans, and a Georgia pecan log roll.
I'd load up with 105 loaves of large whites, 40 browns, 20 dozen glazed doughnuts, 10 mixed cakes, a few dozen bear claws, cinnamon twists, Danish, and pies, then head home,'' he said.
There were puffy pig slippers, furry black bear claws, stuffed gorilla heads and small turtles in soft shells, all selling for $19.
We represent the bear clan,'' Ortega said, wearing a squash blossom necklace of bear claws.
Not satisfied with its current shapes: hands, feet, hearts, dollar signs, bear claws, black diamonds and circles, they have created the first multi-colored injection molded custom ski pole basket.
There are beads, necklaces and intricate silver and turquoise jewelry for sale, but there is also a coyote quiver complete with head, a raccoon fur and, yes, those eagle talons and bear claws.