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the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business

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So the beancounters must have been delighted with Natural World's Penguin Post Office on BBC2 - four months filming, in a place with human habitation and, of course, penguins.
How the county club, and not least its beancounters, would love that box to be ticked on August 23 if the A Bears players could lift the trophy on their own Edgbaston eld instead of watching other teams compete there.
You can be guilty of having too many beancounters sometimes so, while I don't know the guy, I think appointing Terry Burton must be seen as a positive move.
But comments made by club beancounters to a fans' forum stated that cups should be used to give youngsters experience and hinted that any distractions could put league form at risk.
As far as the people in higher management (the Suits, Fat-Cats, BeanCounters, etc.
Last summer, the wettest since records began, brought deep frustration for spectators - and much agonising for the beancounters.
I'm not much good at drilling down into company accounts, but I'll get the Racing Post's beancounters to enlighten me.
Certainly, the beancounters of Whitehall don't seem to know about us.
But these days, he despairs to see football being dragged through the courts as the SFA's new, streamlined, articles of association come under legal challenge, while beancounters Duff and Phelps command more back page headlines than Ally McCoist and Neil Lennon.
But let's leave that sort of caper to the beancounters - and go in again for 'under 2.
Several young budding beancounters recently passed this year's requirement for for chartered accounting--the Canada-wide Uniform Evaluation, recognized as one of the world's most challenging professional entry examinations .
It is only because of their sacrifice, that beancounters have the freedom to argue about how to balance the budget to begin with.
WE all know that football has long ceased to be the game of the working man but instead a corporate cash cow for a legion of be-suited beancounters.
Another grumbled that physicians are being coerced by "non-practicing physicians and non-medical administrators who forget that time spent with patients is more important than spending 90 percent of the time filling out paperwork so the beancounters can look over your shoulder.
Especially knowing that the beancounters would not hesitate to replace him with someone younger and cheaper.