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a small cloth bag filled with dried beans

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It sits happily alongside the denim beanbag and the large red angle poise lamp.
They did so, though, and Taylor ended up firing five beanbags at Wrana, including the fatal one that struck his abdomen and caused internal bleeding, she said.
Works beanbags are digitally printed with cutting edge technology bringing our products to life.
We settled into a beanbag, alongside other parents, grandparents, or friends who'd each booked a space with their small charge.
The beanbags and blankets have already been tested by people watching Wimbledon on the outdoor screen at Brindleyplace this week.
Some customers request to have different dimensions for certain beanbags or might even request a specially designed beanbag," said Sab.
If the children are old enough they can hop along the hall, snake under the table, throw beanbags into a bucket, do a forward roll on the cushions and pick up some dried pasta with their teeth and transfer from one bowl to another.
Did you know that there are beanbags and balls that are numbered too?
For each beanbag, put a tablespoon of uncooked rice into a small balloon.
QI am looking for some beanbags for my wee girl's room, which is white, pink and pale blue.
STOCKTON company Mr Beanbags UK is hoping this supersized creation can lead to even bigger sales figures.
WHITE sheets, ropes, ladders, beanbags and a kazoo are among many props used to re-tell the tale of the first men to climb Everest.
Students also can decorate homemade beanbags, flying discs, ropes, etc.
OVERSIZED floor cushions, beanbags and pouffes are making a big comeback as homeowners go back to the floor.
It is made for non-lethal use, such as beanbags or pepper spray.