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a small cloth bag filled with dried beans

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One day I had to throw down the bean bag and this woman thought I'd thrown it at her deliberately.
Cramlington-based company The Bazaar Group, which is the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and online retailer of bean bags, took the title last year.
Bespectacled Meredith said he never put Pupil A in the classroom "thinking chair" for extended periods of time and denied sitting on a bean bag while Pupil A was lodged underneath.
The LoveSac bean bag chairs offer incredible comfort, and brings a lot of fun to a room", commented Todd Maxwell from MyReviewsNow.
The Butterfly Steep Trendelenburg Gel Bean Bag Positioner, with proper deployment, can provide the same consistent results that surgeons and staff alike will depend on.
Stand back-to-back with partner; the partner with the bean bag tosses overhead so the other partner can catch.
He attempted to run, but police used a bean bag round and a percussion grenade to stop him, Martin said.
So-called kinetic munitions, such as bean bags, rubber bullets, and bundles of small wooden batons, all of which are fired from a gun to stun people or knock them clown, date from that era.
She scooped up a bean bag from one of the baskets, sat down at the table, and examined it.
Highlights," a miniretrospective at Sue Spaid Fine Art, showcased chairs, rug hookings, a clock, a lamp, a stained-glass window, two wacky bean bag chairs, and some bold geometric paintings.
The game also contains four figural game pieces, Donkey bean bag, Shrek[R] ears with toss rings and activity mat.
Whether you're crashed out with a good book or entertaining friends and family in the garden, this bean bag by Kaikoo has a unique showerproof polyester cover that makes it ideal for use in or outside the house.
Their in-house design team designed and made a mini bean bag especially for little Jasmine, so they could give her a comfortable and safe place to sit while the couple could multi-task at work and at home.
Rib-knit cushion, PS16, BHS | AS GORGEOUS as this is to look at, I can see one glaring flaw with this faux fur bean bag.