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a small cloth bag filled with dried beans

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Partners take turns "hiking" the bean bag to each other like football players.
To celebrate the long- awaited arrival in the UK of Disney Mini Bean Bags, we've teamed up with The Disney Store to offer a FREE set of high-quality Winnie The Pooh prints for every reader.
She lowered her head to his shoulder and dabbed her eyes with a corner of the bean bag.
Description: This recall involves vinyl polystyrene-filled bean bag chairs with a single zipper on the exterior cover.
He is also accused of telling Pupil A to sit in the "thinking chair" when the child's behaviour did not justify the sanction and inappropriately restraining Pupil A on the floor while he was covered by a large bean bag - the size of a double bed - with Meredith on top of him.
e Bazaar Group is the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and online retailer of bean bags.
offers a wide assortment of bean bag chairs for adults, bean bag chairs for kids, and giant bean bag chairs.
So to head off more injuries, this year the head teacher announced - at the very last minute so none of the parents had time to practise - that the adults' sprint had now been converted into a bean bag race, reasoning even Usain Bolt couldn't do much damage with a sack of lentils on his head.
CAMARILLO -- A man who ran in and out of traffic attacking drivers at a local intersection was taken down Sunday by a Ventura County sheriff's deputy who fired a bean bag at him.
The pair founded their company, Bean2Bed last year, to sell their bean bag which transforms when opened into a foam mattress.
Prices vary from pounds 50 for a bean bag up to pounds 300 for a floor or wall jigsaw and pounds 420 for a ball pool - including 600 rainbow coloured balls.
Rieser and his colleagues designed similar experiments in which they induced students to change the force and trajectory of a bean bag tossed to a target spot.
Gerardo, who speaks Spanish at home with his parents and Spanish and English with his older siblings, sits in his place happily tossing his bean bag into the air and catching it.
The chair joins Ace Bayou's growing X product family dedicated to combining attractive furniture with built-in, high-quality surround-sound systems, including bean bag chairs, storage boxes, benches and lounge chairs.
Hazard: The zippers on the bean bag chairs can be opened by children who can then crawl inside, get trapped and suffocate or choke on the bean bag chair's foam beads.