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This will not replace or alter the tests and certification processes already defined or planned by the WiMAX Forum, but will supplement them to ensure that multi-vendor products with Beamforming + MIMO can be implemented with predictable performance and full interoperability.
With beamforming access technology, self-healing mesh architecture and specialized noise filters, GoNet delivers superior coverage and capacity.
With beamforming access technology, flexible self-healing, self-assembling mesh architecture and specialized noise filters, GoNet delivers superior coverage and capacity.
Navini was the first company to offer commercial Mobile WiMAX(TM) products and has commercialized patented smart beamforming technology, enabling personal broadband for the mass market.
MIMO beamforming combines two separate antenna techniques: MIMO, which offers a significant gain in data rates when compared to traditional wireless technologies; and beamforming, which steers wireless signals towards heavy usage areas, thereby increasing system efficiency.
Beceem has always been a visionary leader in the field of Mobile WiMAX chipsets," explains Sai Subramanian, VP Product Strategy at Navini Networks, "Together both companies are extending their market leadership by bringing the full capacity and coverage benefits of beamforming and MIMO to Mobile WiMAX networks.
It is yet another proof of the added value of our unique and powerful Beamforming technology to city-wide deployments, where it is required to simultaneously support a large number of handheld devices.
ClearOne's Beamforming Microphone Array is the world's first professional-grade directional microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology, and ClearOne's next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
A USB mobile device for laptops that will provide mobile users with broadband speeds from Navini's beamforming enabled WiMAX network.
Wavion's unique and powerful base stations, with their spatially adaptive Beamforming and powerful interference immunity suite, provide extended coverage and higher throughput in outdoor environments, excelling in severe NLOS and heavy interference.
New breed of group video conferencing adds Beamforming Microphone Array without the need for external mixing or DSP processing.
Already the only vendor to offer proven and commercially deployed Beamforming, Navini's Mobile WiMAX solution adds beamforming to MIMO.
16e Mobile WiMAX(TM) solution with Beamforming and MIMO from Navini Networks(1), the most experienced provider of portable wireless broadband network equipment in the world.
For India specifically, Navini's Mobile WiMAX solution with Beamforming and MIMO is well suited and with GTL on our team, operators can look forward to a very rapid and smooth deployment," said Sai Subramanian, Navini's VP of Product Management and Strategic Marketing.