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a flatbottomed jar made of glass or plastic

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a cup (usually without a handle)

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This particular coastal location is quite remarkable in that it has provided a touchstone for many of the key events in our national story - Mesolithic colonisers, the arrival of the Neolithic, arrival of the Beaker folk and the skills to work metal, Iron Age farmers through to medieval mining.
Gum Shellac' proudly proclaims, 'We are the travelling people, like the Picts or Beaker folk.
Until recently they were believed to be the people known as Beaker Folk.
Recent studies are in agreement with Clarke's chronology for the Beaker Folk if not for Stonehenge itself, accepting a date of 2300-2100 BCE for the beakers.
Then perhaps your ancestors were nomadic Beaker folk from the steppes of western Asia.