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any of several whales inhabiting all oceans and having beaklike jaws with vestigial teeth in the upper jaw

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Beaked whales were encountered on 6 occasions, with Cuvier's beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris) the most commonly encountered (3 occasions).
She told BBC News that beaked whales had very high levels of the myoglobin protein in their muscles, to the point where the tissues appeared almost black.
Beaked whales are highly sensitive to sound and account for the majority of beachings near military exercises.
Beaked whales have stranded on beaches during sonar training exercises, prompting concern that sonar disrupted their behavior and precipitated the strandings.
His interest in methods for genetic identification of cetacean species has helped track the illegal sale of products from protected whales and lead to the discovery of a new species of beaked whales.
The results, published online March 14 in PLoS ONE, suggest that noise-exposure limits for beaked whales need to be lowered.
Five Gray's Beaked whales were found stranded last week in Port Waikato beach, around 100 kilometers south of Auckland.
Short-finned pilot whales, Risso's dolphins and Baird's beaked whales are currently targeted by Small Type Whaling operations from Taiji, Wada, Abashiri and Ayukawa.
The waters around the islands are home to pods of huge sperm whales, northern bottlenose whales, pilot whales, Orcas and Sowerby's beaked whales.
To better understand how the whale hears, researchers from San Diego State University in California took three-dimensional X rays of two Cuvier's beaked whales.
There is evidence that the beaked whales, including the deep-diving northern bottlenose whale, are especially vulnerable to loud noise.
Unlike many whale species, Cuvier's beaked whales mostly stick to deep water and almost never strand on their own.
and three unidentified beaked whales observed killed in this fishery between the years 1990 and 1995.
The mangrove forests contaminated by the spill support sea turtles, dolphins, porpoises and beaked whales, as well as about 200 species of fish, shrimp, crab and lobster, all important for commercial fisheries.