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a small short-legged smooth-coated breed of hound

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Visuals : Former laboratory beagles being freed and supporters and their new families surrounding their release.
The "dog" is known only as "1030" - as the beagles born into laboratories are never graced with a name, only a number.
The bad news is beacrling is a regional phenomenon, and you may live in a place with no hunting beagles.
The annual Boxing Day meet brought together the Colne Valley Beagles and the Holme Valley Beagles.
We had a barn fire when I was a kid, and I saved one of the beagles because it was in bed with me.
All beagles were born in coastal Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and later transferred to Maringa, Parana, Brazil, for the last 3-4 years of life.
Because of their acute sense of smell, inquisitive nature and gentle, friendly manner, beagles are the perfect breed to detect invasive pests and plants, said Waite, who has been Hunter's handler for the past three years.
But as tar as art practice goes, just a hardy few have risked invoking ventriloquism directly, among them, Laurie Simmons, Asta Groting (recently shown at London's Freud Museum), and now Glasgow duo John Beagles and Graham Ramsay, in their installation Dead of Night, 2003.
A HARE hunt went ahead yesterday with borrowed beagles, after its own hounds were kidnapped by animal rights activists.
ETON College was condemned by outraged animal campaigners last night over the scandal of its abandoned hunting beagles.
Foreshadowing a time when a patient's own cells may be harvested, multiplied, and fashioned into a replacement organ, researchers in Boston have successfully transplanted laboratory-grown bladders into six beagles.
Any dog lover can attest to the hunt instinct that beagles have.
The Royal Canin Beagle formula is designed for adult Beagles over 12 months.
A MERSEYSIDE dogs home has seen an increase in the number of beagles needing new homes, prompting fears the breed is becoming the latest must-have "designer dog".
TWO beagles groups are to meet for a big Boxing Day event.