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a vagrant living on a beach

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For more information on Bahrain Beachcombers, visit the group's Facebook page www.
He recorded at Abbey Road, around the same time as the Beatles, and still has the band's original drum kit, which was used by Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham, who played with Pat Wayne and the Beachcombers for a matter of weeks when Brian left the band in the late sixties.
Bahrain Beachcombers are very excited about the event * And the Rugby Club is giving its full support (we are looking at a date for U12 and U8 tournament as well).
The adventures of a professional lumber salvager and his friends in British Columbia, The Beachcombers was the longest-running comedy-drama series ever made for English-language Canuck telly, its 387 episodes - which for a show that was essentially about bits of wood is pretty good going - ran from 1972 to 1990 in its native territory.
Tonight sees Scarborough's reggae-flavoured ALI AND THE BEACHCOMBERS play the venue, on Tower Street.
They said rock pools at both beaches catch debris from the sea, making them a treasure trove for beachcombers.
Beachcombers offers a casual family dining experience to remember.
Native strangers; beachcombers, renegades, and castaways in the South Seas.
Predictions for extremely large swings between high and low tides this week prompted the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to urge extra caution among holiday beachcombers.
Beachcombers made the grisly discovery of the limb, with foot still attached, at Beach Crescent, Scotland, in March.
Her lead characters are several scientists and a worldwide band of beachcombers, all dedicated to reducing damage.
They were reduced to calling the beachcombers 'despicable looters' and threatening them with everything short of the cat o' nine tails.
Sometimes that beach break is strong enough to sweep unwary beachcombers right off their feet.
A TRY one of two groundlevel apartments at Beachcombers, a luxury complex near Newquay, Cornwall, which has features such as ramps and railings with easy access from the car park.