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Synonyms for umbrella

Words related to umbrella

a lightweight handheld collapsible canopy

a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets

having the function of uniting a group of similar things

covering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups

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Mexico and 900 Beach Getaway prize packs that include a Corona beach umbrella, two Corona beach chairs and a Weber Smokey Joe BBQ grill.
sipping a pina colada under a beach umbrella, of course.
A lot of your paints have taken on two names: Summer Bliss, Mussel Shell, Morning Fog, Twilight Sky, Shoreline Tan, Beach Umbrella, and Midsummer's Breeze.
Sitting under a beach umbrella, sipping a cool drink, watching wave upon wave arrive at the beach sounds heavenly.
The big chair is outfitted with tubes on the sides to hold his son's soccer team banner and a beach umbrella, which Shaffer expertly attaches in minutes before taking a 12-mph spin down the street.
1932), with two pairs of legs and a giant beach umbrella in the sand, and Munkacsi's definitive dance photograph Fred Astaire on His Toes (1936) exude style.
Banknorth Group, Portland, Maine, gave customers who opened a deposit account their choice of a free beach umbrella, beach chair or cooler as part of a summer promotion entitled, "SimplyFree Beach Basics.
A scattering of cushions in beach umbrella colours would be perfect.
Instead of lugging a beach umbrella, just look for a tree.
Among its offerings are items with beach and water motifs, such as Sun Screen, which features a beach umbrella in the lower right corner, and Sailing, with a sailboat.
Bonus Answers will vary but may include the following: broad-spectrum sunscreen labeled SPF 15 or higher, beach umbrella, flip-flops, water, UV-proof sunglasses, wide-brim hat, light-color clothing.
I decided to write as the old year rolls into the new and I'm listing my resolutions sitting under a beach umbrella.
It's goodbye rain umbrella - and hello beach umbrella.
We had a big green beach umbrella, and under that Mom spread a blanket on which we stood as she covered our fair-skinned bodies with a generous coating of Noxzema.
Pack a picnic and spend the day exploring them all or just pick one, park, and set up the beach umbrella.