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clothing to be worn at a beach

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As long as they look tidy, and aren't wearing wacky beach shorts, it shouldn't matter.
Three of the group were described as white males, one of whom was barechested and wearing Hawaiian style beach shorts.
As we left the shop, the gaze from the lovely turquoise of my wife's eyes settled on a tall, dark man of Herculean perfection, narrow of hip, deep-chested and broad-shouldered, in red beach shorts, who stepped lightly over the cobbled street to the lake, grey-flecked hair discreetly curling through his casually opened white shirt.
TATTOOED Becks,36, is known for his top-class fitness levels,and he more than matches up in his long white beach shorts while surfing in Malibu, California.
Key styles are checked beach shorts, with pocket detailing and strong bold colour, or the shorts with prints inspired by marine life.
But she said: 'The selection ranges from sport briefs and trunks for swimming and water sports to beach shorts and board shorts.
bottles Big Slam, 1- and 2-liter bottles 2 Points 3-liter bottles 3 Points 12-packs 5 Points 20-packs, 24-packs, Cubes, 10 Points 30-pack Block Parties Points Needed for Each Pepsi Stuff Item Kick Sacks 25 Points Phone Card 35 Points CD Case 40 Points Baseball Caps 60 Points T-Shirts 80 Points Beach Towel 95 Points Beach Shorts 110 Points Bag of Sports Balls 120 Points Blue Shades 125 Points Beach Chair 140 Points Canvas Duffel 200 Points Crew Sweatshirt 250 Points Hooded Teva Sandals 300 Points Sweatshirt 275 Points Sport Watch 325 Points Big Travel Bag 350 Points Denim Jacket 400 Points Leather Jacket 1200 Points Fila Mountain Bike 2750 Points -0- 3/27/96
He was of average build, approximately 5'8" tall, and was wearing large dark sunglasses, colourful beach shorts and a lightweight, dark waterproof jacket.
99 SAVE: PS7 25Girls' Denim Beach Shorts (Age 13) , BHS.
Starting out as a leisurewear brand with hoodies, T-shirts and rugby tops, the collection has since expanded to also include accessories, beach shorts, knitwear and tweed jackets.
Viiperi kept it simple in beach shorts and a baseball cap when he wasn't in the pool.
TATTOOED Becks, 36, is known for his top-class fitness levels, and he more than matches up in his long white beach shorts while surfing in Malibu, California.
Chopra looked cool in dark glasses and white hat, while Hudson strolled down the catwalk bare-chested in just his beach shorts.
The catwalks saw variations of the classic Riviera summer style with light cotton linen shirts teamed with trousers or brightly-coloured patterned beach shorts - key prints include stripes or Hawaiian," Douros advises.