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a house built on or near a beach

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A stone's throw from County Line Beach, MariSol's creators developed a resort-style community of 17 understated, single-story Malibu beach houses and lots.
NEW YORK, May 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Malibu, the original coconut liqueur and Caribbean rum blend, is set to give consumers another year of the Best Summer Ever with an interactive pop-up Beach House at select pop and crossover country music festivals across the country and a beach refresh project with non-profit Heal the Bay on the west coast all season-long.
the hotels, Lana Al-Rushaid, said that there was great demand for beach houses
While there are still no beach houses, the beach itself is left to gather rubbish.
The contemporary beach house designs featured in International Beach Houses comes from top architectural structures around the world--a little over twenty--and includes structures from the U.
Paris-based Barclay & Crousse found fame in these pages with their sybaritic beach houses on Peru's desert coast.
The cousins vacation with their families at their usual beach houses in Maine.
FORGET conservatories,it's beach houses that are at the very top of the most discerning house buyers' dream wish list these days.
Even the title of this group of works underscores their provisional quality: Beach houses, after all, are intended for limited stays only.
A study released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency last week suggests that in the next 60 years, up to a quarter of the beach houses in the United States will be nothing but a memory.
The heart of Hurricane Floyd raked across the mainland here at Cape Fear on Thursday morning, uprooting beach houses and leaving widespread floods as it set a rapid but steadily weakening course up the Atlantic coast.
For example: Seawalls are built parallel to the sea to protect beach houses from crashing waves.
Shockingly enough, few diplomats are lining up to swap their beach houses for a fiscally responsible alternative.
The Soviets have not been bashful about creating homes for themselves at Tarara, decorating their airy, high-ceilinged beach houses with posters from their towns and appropriating the food Cuba provides to cook tasty yogurt desserts and blintzes.
57-108, the IRS was asked to determine if rentals of furnished beach houses were subject to self-employment tax.