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an early form of modern jazz (originating around 1940)


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Like be-bop, Streaming does not so much inspire dancing (although the use of rhythm and repetition are among the tactics at work in the collection's sonic strategy) as it does close listening.
IF you enjoy an invigorating scalp massage, you can DIY it with a Be-Bop Shower Brush from Denman.
Hip-hop, be-bop, punk rock--to me it's all corning from the same place.
Backed by Will Holland's Quantic, his sextet turned ballads into funk workouts and groovy jazz numbers into hard-hitting be-bop tango.
Be-bop is perhaps the trickiest twist of jazz to perform, and RCR managed it to perfection with their performance of Dizzy Gillespie classic "Salt Peanuts.
Following his discharge from the military in 1946 he played be-bop with Dizzy Gillespie for two years.
Nevertheless, if you're the type of hardy soul who can listen to free-form nodal saxophone squawking without coming out in a severe case of the sweats then get thee along to Powys for four days of the best in all things be-bop, swing, ragtime, smooth, fusion, acid and trad, daddio.
In January, the Mike Macarthur Group energizes jazz lovers with a passion dedicated to the be-bop sounds of Charlie Parker and the modern sounds of Michael Brecker.
In the November 13, 1952, column Pynchon writes about misfits like trigonometry teacher Faggiaducci, who seems to endure through a combination of heroin-intake and be-bop talking.
He came up in the swing era but be-bop shaped his style.
In these and other harsh, nocturnal shots, Weegee provides the perfect visual accompaniment to the dizzying, pulse-quickening urban blast of Charlie Parker's historic be-bop quintet of the '40s.
Singers performed either free- style (improvisational singing to a rap beat) or beat boxer (a derivative of be-bop music by making vocal sound effects).
Be-Bop / the art of breaking and / Entering wounds.