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the commonest type of solidified lava

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In the late 1980s Bazalt developed a new tandem warhead round, the PG-29V and its associated launcher, the RPG-29.
In the mid-1990s Russia tested the rocket-boosted Bazalt Betab-500ShP.
The Moscow-based Bazalt State Research and Production Enterprise was promoting a number of aircraft weapons, including the 500 kg RBK-500 SPBE-D cluster bomb, which dispenses 15 sensor-fuzed anti-armour munitions.
Believed to be the first smart weapon of its kind to have been put into service in the world, the Bazalt SPBE-D -- RBK-500 cluster combination operates similarly to the Skeet, but ejection of 15 submunitions occurs directly from the cluster.
Ltd Punjab Mineral Development Corp Sud-Chemie SA Compania Minera Agriegados Calcareous SA Minera Baribent SA Minerales Andinos SA Anglo Enterprises Inc Benguet Exploration Filmag (Philippines) Inc Bazalt Mining and Production Plant Siarkopol Sulphur Mining and Processing Plant Almetiev Clay Powder Plant JSC Chapaevsk Silicate Plant JSC Gai GOK OJSC Khakass Bentonite Scientific Industrial Co.
MRL and Bazalt, a recognized leader in the Netherlands for educational book publishing, have worked together for more than eight years to translate MRL titles into Dutch.
Bazalt markets the Fab-500M62 with MPK wing-kit and satellite/inertial guidance.
Also new, but from Bazalt in Russia, was the PBK-500U air-to-ground weapon.
OAO NPO Bazalt (state-owned enterprise, production of machinery for the production of arms and ammunition);
Jdam's Russian rivals are the 500-kg Region KAB-500S-E and 540-kg Bazalt PBK-500U.
5 Alkali-resistant 2270 1800-3500 70-76 AR-glass Carbon 1700 3700 250 Carbon (high-modulus) 1950 2500-4000 350-800 Carbon (high-strength) 1750 4800 240 Aramid (Kevlar 29) 1440 2760 62 Aramid (Kevlar 49) 1440 3620 124 Aramid (Kevlar 149) 1440 3450 175 Aramid (Technora H) 1390 3000 70 Aramid (SVM) 1430 3800-4200 130 Bazalt (Albarrie) 2800 4840 89 Type of FRP Elongation Coefficient Poisson's % of thermal ratio expansion [10.
Bazalt also worked with Jresco of Jordan on the development of the RPG-32 Hashim, a weapon consisting of a launch tube, a removable optical sight and an ammunition contained in a disposable tube.
The latest Russian thermobaric grenade--brought out on 23 July 2001 by the Bazalt Research and Production Center--is an improved variant of the RShG- 1.