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capital and largest city of Lebanon

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Movies like Bayrnt al-liqa' [Beirut, the Encounter], Jocelyne Saab's Glwzl al-banat (1985 [English-language Title: Suspended Life]), Kan ya ma knn Bayrut (1984 [English-language Title: Once Upon a Time, Beirut]), Hors la vie (Baghdadi 1991 [English-language Title: Out of Life]), and Bayriit al-gharibah (Doueiri 1998 [English-language Title: West Beirut]) view analog technology as part of the experience of war, a technology of war.
after 1436), Tarikh Bayrut, Akhbar al-Salaf min Dhurriyat Buhtur ibn 'Ali Amir al-Gharb bi-Bayrut, ed.
Ibrahim has published other novels since then, including Najmat Aghustus (1974), Bayrut, Bayrut (1984), Dhat (1992), and Sharaf (1997)--all politically engaged texts critical of contemporary Egyptian and Arab regimes and their coercive institutions and repressive practices.
The same holds true for Jaber's fictional texts, where the Lebanese civil war stands in the subject line that gives cohesion to much of his work, from Yusuf, Druz and Amrika--all set in the mid-nineteenth century with its wars in Mount Lebanon--up to al-I'tirafat, Tuyur, Taqrir, Shay aswad, and al-Bayt--which draw on the Lebanese conflict between the 1970s and 1990s; via Bayrut and Biritus where the narrative leaps from the origins of the conflict to our present time.
Roger Allen's succinct introduction to the novelistic world of Ibrahim al-Kawni in the context of other treatments of the desert in modern Arabic fiction, and Sabah Ghandour's analysis of competing discourses in Tawfiq 'Awwad's well-known novel Tawahin Bayrut offers inspiration to, and material for, the teacher of contemporary Arabic fiction.
Ibn al-Athir, al-Kamilfi l-ta'rlkh (Beirut: Dar Sadir and Dar Bayrut, 1965); Ibn Khaldun, 'Ibar, 4: 636-52; al-MaqrizI, Kitab al-Khitat (Beirut: Dar Ihya' aI-'Ulum, 1959), 2: 90-103; idem, al-Muqajfa (Beirut: Dar al-Gharb al-Islaml, 1991), 2: 446-51; Ibn Taghribirdi, al-Nujum al-zahira (Cairo: al-Mu'assasa al-Misriyya al-cAmma li-1-Ta'llfwa-l-Tarjamawa-l-Tiba'awa-l-Nashr, 1929-1972), 3: 1-49.