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Synonyms for bayonet

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a knife that can be fixed to the end of a rifle and used as a weapon

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stab or kill someone with a bayonet

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Just as Mercer's men fled the field, Colonel John Cadwalader's inexperienced Pennsylvania militia unit arrived on the scene, but they too wavered under the onslaught of Mawhood's gallant bayonet charges.
Joshua Chamberlain's famous bayonet charge on the second day of the battle at Little Round Top is redrawn with Chamberlain's role much reduced, and chaos and confusion accounting for the way things actually turned out.
in the art of handling a pistol and disarming prisoners," and, even more importantly, a second "exhibition drill by a company of the Police Rifle Regiment in riot drill and formation," which ended in "a bayonet charge into a mythical [rioting] crowd.
His staff identified Private Tandey as the British soldier who'd led the bayonet charge against Hitler's platoon.
Refusing calls to surrender, Major Yate rallied his 19 remaining survivors out of an original strength of 220 men and led a bayonet charge against the German troops but was quickly captured.
I can imagine that it takes a degree of courage to lead men into your first bayonet charge but after seeing the ensuing carnage what qualities do you need to lead them over and over again?
Again wounded, he nevertheless continued to lead his men on, 'nally capturing the position by a bayonet charge.
After his regiment's trench had been taken by the enemy, he led a party of 11 soldiers in a bayonet charge counter attack, killing eight of the enemy, wounding two and taking 16 prisoners.
On February 2, 1951, two battalions of the 65th Infantry charged Chinese positions for the last battalion-sized bayonet charge in U.
When Ripley was promoted to a brigadier-general in early 1814, Colonel James Miller had assumed command of the Twenty-First and, under Miller, it had earned laurels at Lundy's Lane, when it captured the British artillery by a bayonet charge.
Union General Hancock ordered the only available unit, the vastly outnumbered First Minnesota, to make a desperate bayonet charge against the advancing Confederates to buy time to allow Hancock to bring in reinforcements.
A SOLDIER who led a four-man bayonet charge through a hail of Taliban gunfire has been awarded the Military Cross.
One local lad told our reporter of seeing the major leading a bayonet charge against enemy-machine gunners.
AFTER having been twice wounded, once by a bullet and once in a bayonet charge, Lance Corporal Rosenberg, 2nd Battn Worcestershire Regiment, has been killed in France.
But Henry led a bayonet charge so fierce that 37 of the enemy were driven into the hands of his company.