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the largest freshwater lake in Asia or Europe and the deepest lake in the world

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Kahmaran and Baykal presented each other flowers in a friendly atmosphere.
As the elder of the house, Baykal will lead parliament's first session following the elections and he was officially meeting Erdogan to discuss the reopening.
Baykal stepped down soon after the sex scandal erupted.
The producer of heat exchange products has since gone a step further by investing in two more Baykal machines.
Baykal graduated from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.
With his Republican People's Party (CHP) managing to drop several percentage points, despite a year and a half as the country's principal opposition, Baykal nonetheless claimed that the CHP had achieved a stunning 8% vote swing in its favour.
After Zana took her oath, Baykal said it was not valid, adding that she can be sworn in later if she so wishes.
When he did not receive a positive reply from the CHP, Yalcin forced another journalist Iklim Bayraktar to hold interviews with Baykal and Kilicdaroglu to blackmail them.
Deniz Baykal, the leader of the country's main opposition party, accused Erdogan's government of conducting a "political vendetta" against anyone in opposition to the government.
After a raucous session of name-calling and a chair-throwing melee that has to be broken up by the riot police, main opposition leader Deniz Baykal beats back a challenge by reformers and is re-elected to lead the Republican People's Party.
In order to successfully plan and manage change in a decentralized organization, we needed a current and accurate understanding of our complex IT environment," said Kheder Baykal, Manager, Enterprise Change Management for Countrywide.
Deniz Baykal, a deputy of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), chaired the swearing-in session as the oldest deputy in Parliament.
Deniz Baykal, former chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP), warned his family before harassment allegations regarding Iklim Bayraktar, Odatv's journalist who was detained within the scope of Ergenekon investigation and released by the prosecutor's office, were reflected to the media.
Baykal said: "We want to open a window of opportunity for Turkey.
The deputies and their families who were watching the ceremony cheered as Baykal told Zana that the text of the oath must not be changed.