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Synonyms for filter

Synonyms for filter

an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

remove by passing through a filter

run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

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Features, such as e-mail header analysis, keyword checking, and sender- and recipient-based whitelists in addition to Bayesian filtering technology, significantly curb the number of false positives.
The double dose of anti-spam protection offered by DP Inspector features text analysis, Bayesian filtering algorithms, black listing capability, user level white listing management, enhanced SSL connectivity and access to quarantined messages and the availability of quarantine alerts and quarantine mailbox graphical user interface.
Sessions include: Filtering, Stamping, Blocking, Anti-Spoofing: How to Stop Spam; Lessons Learned Reimplementing an ISP Mail Service Infrastructure to Cope with Spam; What Spammers are Doing to Get Around Bayesian Filtering and What We can Expect for the Future.
In reviewing spam trends and currently-used anti-spam technology, such as honey-pot signatures, lexical and heuristic content analysis, Bayesian filtering, and sender authentication, the White Paper advises that when choosing anti-spam technology, consideration should be given to innovative approaches such as RPD that proactively scrutinizes the Internet to detect spam based on characteristics that spammers cannot easily change.
By utilizing six different methods of detection - Integrity Analysis, Heuristic Detection, Content Filtering, Black and White Lists, RBL Support and bayesian filtering -- McAfee SpamKiller appliances give IT administrators a proactive and comprehensive solution to fighting spam, viruses and malicious content.
With success rates greater than 99 percent, Bayesian filtering is recognized by the industry as the most accurate method for blocking spam.
Enhanced Self-Learning Bayesian Filtering Engine now automatically scans, identifies and removes most junk mail from the inbox, including messages carrying virus attachments.
The solution provides spam and content blocking capabilities with six-levels of proactive rules-based protection that includes heuristic detection, Bayesian filtering and integrity analysis, as well as screens for viruses in all inbound and outbound SMTP e-mails prior to it reaching or leaving the network.
Additionally, McAfee SpamKiller software is also available to run with WebShield software on the McAfee appliances, providing six-levels of proactive rules-based protection that includes heuristic detection, bayesian filtering and integrity analysis.
Bayesian filtering works by taking a range of known messages -- both legitimate email and unwanted spam -- comparing each new incoming email to the server against this database and assigning a probability rating to determine if the new message is spam.
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