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Claus Zieler, Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial Operations of Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division in Asia Pacific, said: 'Our innovations focus on solutions that solve major healthcare challenges of our time, helping to improve patients' quality of life.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation, West Haven, CT, and Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation (West Haven, CT) has patented a device and method for seed-train expansion of a source of mammalian cells and their use in production of proteins expressed by the cells comprising the use of a dedicated inoculation bioreactor for expanding the cells prior to the transfer to a production bioreactor.
It is in talks with Bayer pharmaceuticals, Chupa Chups and Perfetti Van Melle Group, owner of Fruit-tella.
The study was sponsored by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp.
The survey was conducted prior to treatment as part of a Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp.
She painted furniture, worked for Bayer Pharmaceuticals as illustrator, and during a brief visit to Venezuela, produced scientific drawings for that country's Ministry of Public Health (4).
Early sales of Levitra (vardenafil HCI), from Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp.
The new organization comprises five operating companies, including Bayer HealthCare LLC and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.
A recent survey for Bayer Pharmaceuticals found that few pharmacists ask women if they're pregnant when selling oral thrush remedies.
It languished in the labs until 1898 when Bayer pharmaceuticals decided to market the drug as a cough suppressant.
It's been helpful for us in getting a feel for the community that we'd like to live in,'' said Stahl-Bayliss, an associate medical director at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in West Haven.
Pucci was at Bayer AG, where he held sequential responsibilities as Country Head Bayer Italy Pharmaceuticals, President & SVP Bayer Pharmaceuticals North America - Global Specialty Pharmaceuticals, and member of the Bayer Pharmaceuticals Executive Committee, concluding his tenure as president in charge of the Bayer-Schering Pharmaceuticals Global Oncology/Specialized Therapeutics Business Units.
Most recently, Dr Li has worked at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, responsible for Strategy and Portfolio Management and commercial development.
Before joining J&J in 2003, Podlogar worked in human resources at Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Bristol Myers Squibb.
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