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We see future growth driven by increasing and sustained demand from customers in many countries for improved oilseed rape hybrid varieties, said Marc Reichardt, Bayer CropScience s Head of Agricultural Commercial Operations, at the inauguration ceremony.
Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice, Bayer CropScience will commit to spending $452,000 on safety improvements at chemical storage facilities in West Virginia, Texas, Missouri and Michigan.
Riceland had alleged that negligence on the part of Bayer CropScience had cost Riceland, a farmers cooperative.
2006 - Bayer CropScience acquires rights to FMC Corporation's insecticides discovery pipeline.
As part of its marketing program, Bayer CropScience will distribute a total of 20 metric tons of its hybrid rice Arize H64 worth P7 million to more than 1,000 farmers as a start-up rice seed input.
With this move, Bayer CropScience is setting foot into the national soybean seed market in Argentina, it explained in a press release.
This is the first dedicated bee care facility in Clayton, where Bayer CropScience has studied pollinator health for more than three years.
Hubert Koster, CEO of caprotec, said, 'We are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Bayer CropScience, applying our CCMS technology in the field of agrochemicals to discover the target protein and the mode of action, allowing subsequent structural optimisation.
30 September 2010 - CRISIL said on Wednesday it had upgraded its rating on the fund-based bank-facilities of Bayer CropScience Ltd (BOM:506285) to AA+/stable from AA/positive and affirmed its rating on the company's short-term facilities at P1+.
Under the agreement, Bayer CropScience has obtained non-exclusive rights to use Chromatin's technology to introduce Bayer's high-value trait genes into cotton.
The agreements establish cross-licenses that will enable next generation seed solutions and weed and insect control strategies from Bayer CropScience and the DuPont Crop Protection and Pioneer Hi-Bred businesses.
Under the agreement Bayer CropScience will supply Cheminova with its Imidacloprid insecticide.
Bayer CropScience takes issue with their misrepresentation of the extensive aldicarb database.
Bayer Cropscience opted for Belgium because the transgenic oilseed rape in question (Ms8xRf3) was developed a dozen or so year ago by the Belgian firm, Plant Genetic Systems, which was bought up by Bayer Cropscience.