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OHP has been a highly valued partner of Bayer for the past 26 years," said Gilles Galliou, president of Bayer Environmental Science North America.
One of Bayer MaterialScience's latest developments for the second component is a new grade of Makroblend PC/PET containing 20% mineral filler.
Every episode ends in a customized music video featuring up-and-coming artists and footage from whatever far-flung location Bayer and Garnick have featured.
Bayer CropScience / Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications
Commander joined Bayer in 1990 in the Rubber Division of Bayer.
Bayer will purchase, for cash consideration, VGI's outstanding common shares at a cost of $1.
Perhaps more important, in a world in which threats of bioterror are only likely to increase, the tug of war between Bayer and the government over Cipro hints at how even governments that nominally give patent protection a high priority are likely to compromise their principles in the face of a perceived public health threat--at least when that threat faces their own citizens.
Bayer is one company that could use the brand-building help.
Bayer was already familiar with the Tarrytown Corporate Center, he added, as the company had been a tenant there several years ago.
The Management Board of Bayer AG announced today that on July 1, 2012, Philip Blake will become Senior Bayer Representative (SBR) USA, following a common company practice of assigning this oversight role to a senior executive already holding a significant business role or roles within the region.
Building upon our legacy in hemophilia A, we are delighted to continue Bayer's leadership in working to bring treatment options to patients around the world," said Joerg Heidrich, Senior Vice President for Product Supply Biotech and Site Head at Bayer Berkeley.
AUDIENCE: Primary: Bayer CropScience sales force; Secondary: Bayer CropScience product managers and marketing personnel
Bayer Polymers has developed a blow molding technology that is putting new bounce into shock-absorbent seating for motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors and off-road vehicles.
Bayer AG designated the future management board of the new chemical company Lanxess, which they plan to launch in early 2005.
Bayer Corporation has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) for vardenafil, an investigational compound for the improvement of erectile function, to the U.