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French soldier said to be fearless and chivalrous (1473-1524)

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During Morton's 1987 trial, Bayardo told the jury that the state of the undigested food in her stomach indicated that Christine Morton could have died before her husband left for work early the morning of Aug.
Ron Harris, trainer of Belle Bayardo "He's probably handicapped as high as he should be but is in good order.
For simplicity, out of many previously proposed measures of information loss, we adopt a variation of the "discernibility penalty" proposed by Bayardo and Agrawal (2).
Herberth Bayardo Inestroza Membreno, the Honduran army's top lawyer, who admitted that flying Zelaya into exile was a crime, telling The Miami Herald, "In the moment that we took him out of the country, in the way that he was taken out, there is a crime," but it will be justified.
Colonel Bayardo Inestroza, the military adjutant general, who advised the coup makers on legal matters, contended the military had to act as it did to "avoid a bloodbath," acknowledging that Zelaya's supporters would have massively protested the president's jailing inside the country.
The general coordinator is Bayardo Blandino, a Nicaraguan artist and curator who resides in Tegucigalpa and who co-founded the Contemporary Visual Arts Center of Women in the Arts (CAVC/MUA).
Ademas de esto, en la novela ya se habia anotado que ella no era virgen al casarse con Bayardo San Roman, de acuerdo con los testimonios de sus amigas, que ".
Ortega closed the door to demands for such revelations and reportedly told Rosales, Minister of Finance Alberto Guevara, and presidential economic advisor Bayardo Arce not to cave in to "IMF conditions.
Pena was sentenced to four years in jail; his wife, Bertha Bayardo Pena, was sentenced to three years of probation for stealing public funds.
Pena's wife, Bertha Bayardo Pena, also pled guilty to filing fraudulent invoices for textbooks.
Arturo Bayardo Ramos had his girlfriend's four children, ages 2 to 8, in the vehicle with him when he was stopped about 1:30 a.
Bayardo Arce, a member of Nicaragua's Economic Affairs Commission, recently released a report indicating that Nicaragua is undergoing a serious economic contraction that is likely to intensify as the year goes on.
In Bayardo (1998), the particular goal is to handle large maximal sets.
NYSE: CPX) announced today that Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jose Bayardo, will present at the BMO Capital Markets 8th Annual Unconventional Resource Conference in New York, NY on Tuesday, January 11 at 11:15 a.
said Bayardo Arce, Economic Advisor to the President of Nicaragua.