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a window that sticks out from the outside wall of a house

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Both front and rear double bedrooms have bay windows and built-in wardrobes, plus there's a smaller front bedroom and a contemporary bathroom.
Spend a moment jotting down all of your dreams: Bay windows .
At the first one, 1150 Connecticut Avenue, we rented seven rooms with a fireplace and bay windows for just $475 a month, a deal that was clearly not going to last--and it did not.
It's done in the motif of a New England ship captain's home, painted grayish-blue with white trim, bay windows, a cupola and a pelican weather vane.
Elevations to the development combine feature bay windows, stone lintels, wrought iron detailing and decorative brick soldier courses.
The bay windows on the studio's 7th Avenue side feature operable illuminated LED curtains that can be opened to reveal the action in the studio, including live performances.
The problem with bay windows is they are usually built separately from the main house.
THIEVES have been stripping lead from roofs and the bay windows of older homes around a Birmingham suburb, as well as targeting a community centre.
The property, in the popular Northumberland village of Corbridge, includes a decked veranda and garden as well as a stunning conservatory-style dining kitchen extension with skylights Many original features have been retained such as stained glass in the entrance porch and feature bay windows as well as original Art Deco fireplaces.
The area has become a prime target for thieves who have show brazen contempt for their victims by climbing on to roofs and bay windows to strip the lead off.
The property is set in the heart of Formby' The drawing room has impressive bay windows
5 bath house will have front and rear bay windows on each floor as well as a two-story living room and gallery space with marble fireplace and a sweeping curved staircase.
The other is that developers have found that there is a great public demand for traditional devices such as planters, bay windows and shading ledges.
Two accidents were reported involving staff injuring themselves on the wooden edge of bay windows.
One of the few open to the public for tours, the 1886 home house sports decorations that include doughnut shapes, flowers, fish-scale siding, supports in the shape of harps, bay windows, a round tower room with windows 10 feet from the floor and a balcony inaccessible from the house.