Bay of Fundy

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a bay of the North Atlantic between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

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Next we head off to the largest city sitting right on the Bay of Fundy, Saint John.
Any dish made with heirloom tomatoes will be the best you ever ate, and the Bay of Fundy haddock with lemon butter, capers & chives is sublime.
Last summer marine biologists who monitor plankton in the Bay of Fundy brought up sample containers nearly empty of these organisms that are the foundation of the marine food chain.
Two of the feature articles in this issue focus on the Maritime provinces: Carleton's Book of Negroes: A Ledger's Legacy, by Stephen Davidson UE, and In the Wake of the Loyalists: Retracing Their Path Across The Bay Of Fundy, by Dr.
Saint John & Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Day 1: Whether your point of origin in Canada is Montreal or Quebec City, the logical first stop on your trip is the quiet portside city of Saint John, in the province of New Brunswick.
Stuart Brown, chief executive at FloWave, said: " Our test tank is capable of replicating both EMEC and the Bay of Fundy at scale.
A group of entrepreneurs have opened up Atlantic Canada's only Nordic spa in Chance Harbour giving customers a chance warm up in a sauna and cool off in the frigid waters of the Bay of Fundy.
The Saint John River at this location is estuarine and flows into the Bay of Fundy approximately 68 km downstream of Grand Lake.
In addition, the storm surge would have been much lower because the shoreline is straight in contrast to the juncture of the New York and New Jersey seacoasts, which form a funnel so that water is bunched up and rises higher, just like the normal tide entering the Bay of Fundy in Canada increases several fold as it travels upstream.
Canada's only tidal generating facility in the Bay of Fundy saw its output drop by 45%.
The magical moment was captured by Christine Callaghan, 62, a guide with a whalewatching cruiser in Canada's Bay of Fundy, about two miles off Long Island in Nova Scotia.
The Inner Bay of Fundy salmon industry includes several important spawning grounds in that area, which are vital to the species.
Efficiencies in IMTA systems are, in part, a function of proportions, or ratios, of extractive species production to production at the FTL (Atlantic salmon in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada).
From the Mojave Desert to the Bay of Fundy (Our Sustainable Future)