Bay of Campeche

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a part of the Gulf of Mexico to the west of Yucatan

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After Ixtoc, a group of biologists representing the United Nations Environmental Program went to the Bay of Campeche to survey the impact of the spill.
The storm, which is expected eventually to pass through Mexico s main oil producing region in the Bay of Campeche, packed maximum sustained winds of 90 miles (145 km) per hour.
The storm was expected to further weaken to a tropical depression before it enters Mexico's Bay of Campeche on Monday night or early Tuesday, the US National Hurricane Center said.
Richard made landfall just south of Belize City, the capital, on Sunday and was expected to weaken to a tropical depression before entering Mexico's main oil producing region in the Bay of Campeche by Tuesday, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.
Karl appeared to have spared Mexican oil operations from major damage after sweeping through the Bay of Campeche, where Mexico produces more than two-thirds of its 2.
A trio of potentially dangerous storms swirled over the Atlantic Basin on Tuesday as Tropical Storm Karl formed in the Caribbean on a path that could take it over oil-production facilities in Mexico's Bay of Campeche.
This made it the world's largest accidental release of oil, surpassing the 1979 Ixtoc well blowout in Mexico's Bay of Campeche that gushed almost 3 mln barrels.
Global Industries has been awarded a project from Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), for pipeline work in Pemex s Ku-Maloob-Zapp field in the Bay of Campeche.
That Bay of Campeche spill [Iztoc, 1979, 140 million gallons], unbelievably, came ashore at only a few locations.
Cantarell, situated in the Bay of Campeche, defined the Mexican oil industry for years and Pemex relied on its heavy output.
More than 18,000 workers evacuated before the storm were to return to platforms in the Bay of Campeche by Aug.
When Dean arrives at the Bay of Campeche, where the majority of Mexico's oil is extracted, it is not expected to cause much damage, RMS said.
Officials forecast that the storm will weaken further as it crosses the Yucataan Peninsula but then regain some strength after reaching the warm waters of the southern Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico late afternoon.
While the storm was downgraded to a Category 1 storm on Tuesday, it was yesterday closing in on the Mexican mainland, battering evacuated oil platforms on the Bay of Campeche and threatening to regain some of the force it unleashed on the Yucatan Peninsula.