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In a newspaper report of the hearing against those charged with keeping a common bawdy house, it is apparent that the Crown is advancing the position that there is no discrimination because similar treatment would have been applied to a heterosexual establishment:
In other words, the arrests of the male patrons of bawdy houses show that the middling desire for equal standards of sexual conduct clearly preceded the call for political and social gender equality.
Often in Shakespeare, as in Measure for Measure, bawdy is linked to the bawdy house, a locus of corruption and violence as well as pleasure.
5] On 23 March 1668 a crowd of London apprentices, servants, and artisans, dressed in green aprons, attacked bawdy houses in Poplar--kicking off a bout of rioting in five acts that would travel from the east end of town to the west-end brothels of James, Duke of York.
THE DYNAMIC RISE of jazz dance from bawdy house to Broadway has marked the ascent to acceptability of an expressive outcast.
Prostitution and commercialized vice--Sex offenses of a commercialized nature, such as prostitution, keeping a bawdy house, procuring, or transporting women for immoral purposes.
The program revolves around the use of old civil bawdy house laws in which an "illegal trade or business" is being conducted, so does not include personal use by the tenants.
The five judges together therefore declared operating a bawdy house and pimping legal occupations in Ontario.
The book is organized in terms of location and the practices of the populations who made those locations significant: the Royal Exchange, the prison, the bawdy house, and the ballroom.
The details we already know about Mr Clinton's sexual behaviour are fit only for a bawdy house, not the White House.
For example, the connection between the theater and the bawdy house, insisted upon by Puritan divines, was not necessarily farfetched.
She decided in her own naive (dare we say irresponsible) "wisdom" that living off the avails of sold sex, keeping a bawdy house, and trolling for sexual clients were not only okay, but the Canadian government had 30 days in which to make the necessary changes to make it all happen.
While it is still illegal in Canada to run a brothel or bawdy house where human beings can rent other human beings for sexual pleasure, clubs such as l'Orage and Auberge 102 in Montreal, or the Wicked Club in Toronto, have found a way to dodge that little obstacle.
Labaye, setting aside the conviction of Labaye for keeping a common bawdy house.
What is illegal is public solicitation or procurement of such services or "keeping a bawdy house.