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Prominent Bavarian Organizations Support Plan to Provide Home for Bavaria on the Internet
Bayern Connect GmbH, with support of prominent Bavarian organizations, will apply to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to run .
Bayern Connect wants to represent Bavarian interests on the Internet.
Louis the German's inability to control his rebellious sons, the partition of his kingdom after his death, and the frequent illnesses of the Carolingians, who apparently suffered from hypertension, confronted Bavarian nobles with painful choices.
Her book reveals a number of insights into the political and social importance of church for Agilolfingi dukes, Carolingian kings, and Bavarian nobles.
Even for surfers who look in out of curiosity, Bavariashop has a lot to offer -- the downloadable audio file of the Schuhplattler Bavarian folk dance, the carefully researched history of the Lederhose or the chronicle of the Wies'n are but a few examples.
We were born in Bavaria and grew up at the centre of Bavarian culture.
Rows of wooden benches and tables designed with Bavarian colours of blue and white adorn the venue.
The Garden has begun offering a buffet of typical and traditional Bavarian meals from October 31.
The duo will play engaging repertoire of traditional Bavarian songs.
It is also possible to ski at smaller Bavarian mountains less than an hour from downtown.