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The Bavarians were in the playoffs two years ago, scoring in stoppage time against Holstein Kiel to avoid the drop.
A place in the German Cup from next season won't be guaranteed if the Bavarians remain outside of the top-two divisions.
After a preliminary chapter on the origin of the Bavarians and their duchy, Pearson describes the efforts of the Agilolfingi dukes and the Carolingians who supplanted them to create a territorial state in Bavaria.
The wars fought by Charlemagne and his grandson Louis the German on Bavaria's eastern frontier opened up new lands, offices, and honors for Bavarians and Franks who loyally served the Carolingians.
His conclusion is that Bavarians at mid-century shared many antisemitic assumptions, widely feared the Jews, and pressed their concerns as political issues.
Mid nineteenth-century Bavarians may have feared, disliked, and in some cases even hated Jews, but they did not see them as a satanic force manipulating the entire country and threatening the entire planet.
We are happy to offer our guests an al fresco place where they can relax and listen to original Bavarian music, and try the specialties of southern Germany," said Dietmar Platz, director of Food and Beverage.
Rows of wooden benches and tables designed with Bavarian colours of blue and white adorn the venue.
Kafer Schanke (Prinzregentenstrasse 73) is one of the city's most famous and celebrated delicatessens where traditional Bavarian dishes are served.