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a native or an inhabitant of Bavaria

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As a teenager, Dorothy actually started working before World War II at what would become the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.
Aigner also made clear that a business delegation headed by Franz Josef Pschierer, State Secretary at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy, and Technology, would pay a visit to Bulgaria in October, adding that nearly 40 Bavarian companies had applied to take part in it so far.
The Garden has begun offering a buffet of typical and traditional Bavarian meals from October 31.
During the Oktoberfest, "white and blue" -- the traditional Bavarian colours -- will also be the motto on all long-haul Lufthansa flights to and from Munich.
Bavarian Nordic owns several United States patents relating to an attenuated strain of the company's core technology, MVA-BN, which is the basis for its smallpox vaccine, IMVAMUNE.
To this end Bavarian Nordic has developed a number of efficacy models and has demonstrated IMVAMUNE(R) induces a comparable, if not superior, efficacy to that of traditional smallpox vaccines.
Florian learned his trade as a student at the Bavarian College of Food and Beverage Science and then at the University of Munich-Weihenstephan, where he earned a degree in malting and brewing science.
It is also possible to ski at smaller Bavarian mountains less than an hour from downtown.
The calling of these two people makes clear that it is not only possible to occupy the post of a parish pastor as a job share but also positions of leadership in the church," said the head of the Bavarian church, Bishop Johannes Friedrich.
Delicious cheeses and delicacies like bratwurst, sauerkraut, pancakes and apple strudel are being cooked and served by staff wearing traditional Bavarian costumes.
Under the contract, Bavarian Nordic will transfer its technology on production and use of IMVAMUNE to GSK.
Woodford next explores the individual authorial voice in the diaries of two Bavarian nuns, Clara Staiger (1588-1656), an Augustinian prioress, and Maria Anna Junius (b.
Kitchen suggests the most plausible explanation of his identity was that he was a Tyrolean, possibly the illegitimate child of a Bavarian soldier, who suffered from epilepsy and a form of hereditary mental illness.
This political history provides the framework for Pearson's analysis of the transformation of Bavarian society under Carolingian rule.
If you liked the cheesy pink plastic flamingos that were hot when everybody was revisiting the '60s, take another look at those little Bavarian and Swedish gnomes with the pointy hats that you swore you'd never have in your garden.