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United States writer of children's books (1856-1919)

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This led to a career in law with his brother, David Baum.
Baum and Dumont were both born in the 1920s, their childhood was shaped by the Depression and World War II, and they both embraced with hope the long revolutionary Sixties: Vatican II, the Quiet Revolution and various manifestations of liberation.
An IPCC spokesman said: "We are independently investigating North Wales Police's contact with Emma Baum.
The entire industry is in the throes of a seismic digital shift, where access to information is more important than ever before," Baum said in a statement.
Dan Baum examines that divide like a cultural anthropologist in his fascinating, intelligent new book.
Foy compiled a fourteen-page list of some of his errors entitled, "Notes on Gregory Baum.
Task Force Baum needed to reach Hammelburg while it was still dark, load up as many of the POWs as possible, and race back to the American lines.
In a curious twist to the case, a few days earlier, Baum and two associates, masquerading as members of the criminal police (Kripo), had robbed an elderly, wealthy Jewish couple in Charlottenburg to finance their attack.
WASHINGTON * Interreligious dialogue--perhaps especially Catholic-Muslim dialogue--must deal with how world religions confront secular modernity, Canadian theologian Gregory Baum said in a major lecture in Washington Nov.
NORTHBOROUGH Audrey Eileen (Smith) Baum, 76, a Northborough resident for 49 years, died August 30, 2010 at Holden Nursing Home.
Puns were the most common form, but Baum also indulged in anagrams, spoonerisms, reversals, and other forms of linguistic whimsies.
Knowsley's Cllr Dennis Baum, 62, protested outside Furlongs Travel with members of a residents association.
She dates men, enjoys a social life," The New York Daily News quoted her attorney Robert Baum, as saying.