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United States writer of children's books (1856-1919)

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Dan Baum examines that divide like a cultural anthropologist in his fascinating, intelligent new book.
An article reporting an interview with Gregory Baum was printed in the Toronto Globe and Mail of 9 April 1966, entitled, "Catholics May Use Contraceptives Now?
Baum noted that after more than a century of rejecting Enlightenment ideas of human rights and democratic pluralism, the Catholic church "was able, at the Second Vatican Council, to say a critical yes to modernity, while continuing to oppose scientific reductionism and utilitarian individualism.
It-has been suggested that the name sounds like a sneeze, but Baum may have had something else in mind.
APOLOGY: Cllr Dennis Baum Cllr Baum said he paid pounds 300 to get the bus fixed but Mr Furlong refused to give him any cash.
Baum said: "She's taking the charges very seriously.
But then he treats the call for extermination as a source of great guilt for Baum from which he could only escape by atoning "for his small role in the great American tragedy that had just transpired [that is, the wars against the Native Americans, especially the Battle of Wounded Knee], to somehow commemorate those whom he had wronged with his bitter pen" (189).
Baum added that she will focus on how simplification would impact redistribution of aid.
Early in his career, Baum worked at Blue Goose Inc.
The robber with the gun, identified as Rashad Rogers, told Baum, "Aw, cuz, I'm going to have to kill you," reported News14.
According to Sharon Baum, senior vice president and director of the exclusive property division at Corcoran, the Duke family decided now was an opportune time to sell because the family is spread throughout the country and can no longer occupy the house.
Manfred Baum claims he is owed the cash from the Dutch international after renovating his pounds 1m six-bedroom home.
a supplier of cured-in-place pipe lining materials and equipment for trenchless sewer line rehabilitation, has named Eric Baum chief financial officer.
On November 30, 2003, California businessman Jim Baum experienced what he calls his "personal miracle.
According to Gwen Opfell, vice president of sales and marketing for Baum Bros.