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a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi

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76) The Kyaka area first hosted refugees in the 1950s following the political turmoil in Rwanda that led to the flight of thousands of Batutsi into Uganda.
Therefore, the Batutsi in Rwanda and Burundi who constituted the ruling group must have come from somewhere else outside the Great Lakes region.
The Banyarwanda, whether the Bahutu, Batutsi or Batwa, have historically been harmonious, have shared the same culture, religion, speak the same language, and have always intermarried and lived side by side on the same hill sides.
The net result of the ideology preached by the colonialists was that the Bahutu and Batutsi became two different races, the former being inferior to the latter.
The waves of killings of the Batutsi in Rwanda since 1959 and the ensuing exile mobilised them and motivated them to return to their homeland, through negotiations and eventually by force when negotiations failed.