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a line formed by troops or ships prepared to deliver or receive an attack

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On the other side of the battleline, deception took a different form.
THE THIRD season of IPL has only just begun, but if sartorial signs are anything to go by, the battlelines are already drawn.
But in the clearest sign yet that the battlelines at Anfield have been drawn, co-owner George Gillett has told Parry his job is safe after pledging him his backing.
Nearly 50 years later, the Punjab government plans to draw the battlelines once again -- in a museum, a fitting tribute to the brave soldiers who gave India victory in the largest tank battle fought since WW- II.
He also singled out the NHS, schools, crime, family and Britain's "broken society" as key battlelines.
Chancellor Gordon Brown declared yesterday that the battlelines had been drawn for the forthcoming General Election following what is almost certain to be his final Budget before polling.
The Sinn Fein president told the Wolfe Tone commemoration in Bodenstown, Co Kildare, the battlelines had now been redrawn in the party's push to reunite the island.
But between the battlelines drawn Down Under lies a small patch of fertile land inhabited by songwriters, nearly all from New Zealand, led by the brothers Finn and friends.
As Benitez publicly owned up to the transfer market mistakes that have left him with a squad with glaring deficiencies, the behind-the-scenes battlelines were being drawn.
BATTLELINES were drawn in the Big Brother house after Makosi's secret task sparked a night of bitching.
Forecasting results three weeks from polling day is risky, but with the battlelines drawn and the artillery barrage underway, I can see a Labour majority of between 80 and 100 seats.
The start of the new season may be just under a month away and players from the World Cup may only just be returning to training, but the battlelines have already been drawn up at Old Trafford.
Instead, the referendum battlelines of Leavers and Remainers remain a defining demarcation in our public life.