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a line formed by troops or ships prepared to deliver or receive an attack

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At Inverness, the battlelines were set out to fight the real enemy, the Tories.
BATTLELINES were drawn in the political potboiler being played out ahead of the presidential election, with the Congress shooting down APJ Abdul Kalam's name on Thursday and its mutinous allies -- Trinamool Congress and Samajwadi Party -- sticking to their guns by unequivocally projecting him as their prime choice.
Gordon Brown will warn voters not to "wreck the recovery" in a New Year's message setting out the political battlelines ahead of 2010's general election.
But when the smoke clears the battlelines will be found to have shifted a little in Labour's favour.
Gordon Brown published his "Building Britain's Future" document on Monday in what was widely seen as an attempt to draw the battlelines for the next general election.
ALISTAIR DARLING used his Budget speech yesterday to draw the battlelines for the next election by slapping a new 50p tax rate on high earners.
Battlelines are being drawn across the West Midlands - in readiness for a snap election, David Cameron revealed yesterday.
The battlelines in the row over the Government's education policy were laid down today by Labour MPs convinced it will mean a return to selection.
There's contact between the Cardiff supporters and those visiting and they will arrange, meet and almost battlelines are drawn.
The battlelines for the Housing Bill will be even more complex.
A ' CONSTITUTIONAL' crisis seems to be brewing in the Capital's political circles, the battlelines for which have been firmly drawn.
Now the battlelines have been redrawn by Tesco in a unique "buy one, give one free" project in the cutthroat school uniform market.
Awarded a World Heritage Site status that many Liverpool business people openly dismiss as a nuisance, Liverpool is at a cross-roads with battlelines drawn over retaining the old and developing the new.
A number of shops nationally opened just after midnight - including HMV on High Street, Gamestation New Street and GAME at the Pallasades in Birmingham - to sell the pounds 424 Playstation 3 (PS3), which launches with games like Virtua Fighter 5, MotorStorm, Killzone, and Full Auto 2: Battlelines.
But the Darlington MP returned to the political battlelines to be Labour's official election co-ordinator ahead of the historic third term.