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Synonyms for standard-bearer

an outstanding leader of a political movement

the soldier who carries the standard of the unit in military parades or in battle

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Exhibitions officer Jennifer Nicholson said the day was a big success, adding: "There was also an opportunity to make a famous Roman delicacy, an 'edible' dormouse, and contribute to decorating our magnificent Roman battle standard.
An incensed Blyth Valley community has raised the Delaval Arms battle standard and is preparing to put the pub's defence to a council planning meeting in early March.
A COUPLE of old soldiers hoisted a Scottish battle standard in the searing African heat to honour a decisive victory and the memory of fallen friends.
Currently, however, the land sits mostly empty except for a four-ton Mexican flag on an enormous pole, a symbol perhaps of the battle standard carried by Francisco de Coronado on his search for the Seven Cities of Cibola.
Thus, the obliterated Palestinian landscape, covered by the stratum of modern Israel, remains a symbol and a battle standard for both sides.
His most notable triumph came on Tommy Stack's Battle Standard in the 1991 Irish Lincoln but the Dubai trips have proved more rewarding financially.
Here is an outfit that proclaims, "Feed your soul as well as your body" in ads in The New Yorker, raising the battle standard of fairness in the gourmet-coffee market.
10am yesterday, the Faldo Army who have marched to his drum beat as he stitched the Open wins of 1987, 1990 and 1991 to his battle standard.
I imagine the numerous valiant soldiers and crusaders engaged in bloody battles for the faith in various periods of history, or the countless saints, heroes, and martyrs in their moments of great trials and persecution; and I ask: How could they have prayed the Rosary or used it as their battle standard and as their source of strength and courage if they imagined it merely as a garland of roses?
In mythology too it has been connected to Wales, characterised as the battle standard of King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders.
Coventry's St George, slayer of dragons, lions, giants and the infidel was a creation of the medieval mind, a warrior knight under whose battle standard the English could march into battle.
Then, having raised his battle standard, the man who has made millions out of share options and bonuses since his company was floated suddenly remembered something else he had to do - and resigned, as the saying goes, to pursue other interests.