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The author takes readers on a chronological tour of the Battle of the Wilderness during May 1864, the first battle between Ulysses S.
After a suggestion that he shouldn't show himself above the parapet during the Battle of the Wilderness, the Union Army General John Sedgwick replied 'Nonsense, they couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.
Using contemporary writings and Jenkins' letters, Swisher traces the career of Civil War General Micah Jenkins from his beginnings on Edisto Island to his death in the Battle of the Wilderness in Virginia.
For three days in May 1864, during the Battle of the Wilderness, the eyes of the world focused on Ellwood and its surrounding fields and thickets.
Replaying the Battle of the Wilderness, a fiercely fought contest in May 1864 that racked up 29,800 casualties, the soldiers spent the day enthusiastically living in the past.
Pogue compared it to the Civil War Battle of the Wilderness with repeated attacks and counter-attacks in dense forest.
Cushman says that if his book carried such a listing, it would tell the reader that its contents were the Civil War's Battle of the Wilderness (5 and 6 May 1864), "reflections or meditation on the war itself' (p.
The anorexic adolescent girl living in a twentieth-century Philadelphia suburb loses a girlfriend to murder or the hurricane (no conclusions can be drawn about the circumstances of the death), and the nineteenth-century homemaker Edwina has to endure a doctor who tries to make money from her anorexic daughter's condition, and she must also say goodbye to her union-soldier husband, who goes off to war and ends up in the Battle of the Wilderness, perhaps burned to death in the general conflagration which is war.
The Battle of the Wilderness ended indecisively as the armies of Robert E.